Virginia Gazette Last Word for Aug. 16: Day of Caring; Growth; Road rules

Blocking phone calls

"To the reader who sent in the call-blocking item: When I dial *60 the message says 'this number cannot accept calls at this time.' Does anyone know how to block phone calls?"

Day of Caring

"The Day of Caring is a fabulous idea. They round up volunteers who go about helping people with different projects in their houses and yards and stuff. It's a wonderful thing. But they seem to want to keep it a secret. I really wish they would let people know how you apply for it, who can apply, and what the criteria are for projects that they are willing to undertake."


"As I watched the Board of Supervisors meeting, there's talk of tie-ins to public sewer on Route 5 to one, possibly two homes and how it might set a precedent. I find it interesting nobody is bringing up the new subdivision across from Ford's Colony. Talk about growth, there will be hundreds of new homes developed."

Road rules

"When driving north on Boundary Street, the intersection at Francis Street is a one way stop. Only those traveling north toward Jamestown Road have to stop. Southbound Boundary and westbound Francis do not have stops signs and have the right of way. I have nearly been hit twice there by people expecting southbound traffic to stop. Perhaps the City of Williamsburg may wish to place a "sign under the stop sign to alert motorists."

"Drivers, please turn on your headlights when driving in heavy rain like we had on Tuesday. We were driving on interstates 95 and 64 during the downpours. You could not see farther than the car in front of you. Plus, it's the law in Virginia."

Chilly restaurants

"To the individual who commented on room temperatures being cold enough to need a sweater. A nurse once mentioned it was best to keep room temps on the cooler side since bacteria likes warmer temperatures for growth. I prefer restaurants stay cooler. I am always cold by nature so I keep a sweater/jacket in my car for that reason. You can always add cloths to get warm. Hard to do the opossite."

Cheers and jeers

"Cheers to retail stores – and others – that offer customers free shipping to the local store for orders placed online. Others should follow suit."

"Jeers to the people whose cell phones went off during a matinee of 'A Most Wanted Man' at the Regal movie theatre, and to the woman in the neighboring seat who checked her text messages throughout the performance. There are signs all over the theater, and on the screen before the movie begins, asking people not to use their phones. I go to the theater to lose myself in the action on the big screen. Ringtones and the flash of a very bright phone-screen rudely interrupt that experience."

"I had delays in some medical/surgical matters and went to Sentara's Emergency Room for pain relief. Dr. Beutow also researched recent diagnostic tests and arranged to get my whole treatment process back on track. Fabulous help, far \ beyond just emergency pain relief."

"Thanks to James City County for offering great summer camps for our kids. My son is so excited for the computer camp coming up. He went last year and loved it. The afternoon start time is a huge bonus too."

"Thank you to the gentleman who helped me with my car by the library. You made our growing Williamsburg feel like a small hometown neighborly place. I was able to keep going because of your help."

"I'd like to give a shout out to Stewart's Grocery in Lanexa. I stopped there on my way to the Richmond Jazz Festival last weekend and a lovely woman dressed up with pearls was pumping gas for the customers. She said this is a service that they enjoy providing, and what a blast from the past! It would be wonderful if more people were customer-service oriented in that fashion."

"Williamsburg does not need any more shopping malls. We chose to retire in Williamsburg because of the small, quaint town that it was. Now that is gone and there is more concrete than trees and much more traffic on our streets. Williamsburg has lost its charm."

"Anyone looking for landscape services and design work would be well served by Jeff MacDonald, Cedar Creek Landscaping at291-6754. He has been in the business for over 30 years and helped us with a multitude of jobs. He is very knowledgeable about plant material, and very dependable."