Virginia Gazette Last Word for Aug. 20: Williamsburg charm; Made in China; Honey or not

Annoying calls

"To block phone calls if you are a Cox customer, use the following steps: Immediately after hanging up from an unwanted call, get a dial tone and dial *60. You will be prompted to turn on call blocking by pressing 3. It will then stay on for future blocking until you turn it off. Next, press #01# and the call is then blocked. It works on all but 'Unavailable' phone numbers."

"Like others, we were still receiving annoying calls from telemarketers, politicians, charities and others despite registering our number on the Do Not Call list several times Many thanks to the person who gave directions in the Last Word recently for blocking unwanted calls if you have a Cox land line. Quick and easy, and it works! Sixteen blocked numbers on the list already. Love it!"

"Is your name showing up as someone else on your friend's caller ID? Ours was, so I called Verizon, our phone provider. I was told that if you call someone who has a provider other than Verizon it may show up as a bogus name. She said at least one provider will not purchase an updated phone list from Verizon."

Cordless phone

"In the Aug. 16 Last Word someone was inquiring about cordless phones. I have a set purchased at Office Depot, Panasonic KX-TG4731, that has four handsets and a built-in answering machine. Easy to use, you can use multiple handsets at once, and it functions as an intercom when the line is not engaged. It flashes on the base unit and each handset when there is a message waiting. Don't know if your Verizon answer service would work, but I am happy with the built in one."

Williamsburg charm

"In response to the people lamenting that 'Williamsburg has lost its charm' and is no longer the 'small, quaint town that it was,' we'd like to direct their attention to Tennessee. It has many small towns where taxes are low, services are minimal and the kids are so poorly educated they don't put any pressure on employers for good jobs with living wages. Stagnation suits them just fine. If the people unhappy with Williamsburg want a place that is a throwback to where they might have grown up, Tennessee is great. On the other hand, they might want to consider a quip from one of our favorite comedians: "Small towns are still small because nobody wants to live there."

"The poor soul who expressed unhappiness with Williamsburg changing from the small, clean town they moved to has found one of the great paradoxes. By moving here, they have helped destroy the very qualities that attracted them."

Made in China

"I remember seeing an article about the problem of so many goods sold in America that were made in China. I took my new Chinese friend from the J-1 program shopping to buy gifts for her friends back home. We went to five stores, and everything in her price range was labeled 'Made in China.' The only American-made goods we found were at the Yankee Candle store, but candles are hard to transport and evidently they are not a popular item in China, so we came away with nothing. Interestingly, she told me that she has never seen the goods we looked at her stores in China."

Honey or not

"Recently I went into a business and an employee approached me, calling me 'Honey' or 'Sugar,' etc. The clerk did not know me and I asked the person to please stop doing it. Then I approached a manager and that person told me it would stop. Two weeks later the same clerk approached me and was still doing it."


"I just read the article on Longhill Road traffic. Living in Seasons Trace and working in Richmond, I agree that the congestion on that road is terrible. At 5:30 p.m. almost daily Longhill backs up from Old Towne Road almost to Route 199. The light at that intersection is timed poorly and contributes to the problem. One of the improvement solutions, which would route Lafayette High School traffic through Seasons Trace, is flat out stupid."


"Update from Croaker. The frogs and toads have returned in good number. We're still not seeing any yellow or black swallowtail butterflies. If we see one a week, we're doing well."

"Would somebody please tell me if you can overfeed hummingbirds? I am making hummingbird nectar just about every day. I am swarmed with them but I don't want to hurt them. They are so precious, and I look forward to seeing them every summer."

Customer service

"I have a lot of material for packing and shipping that can be reused. Bubble wrap, crunchy wrapping paper, those air bags Amazon uses and some peanuts. Call 561-3068."