Virginia Gazette Last Word for Aug. 30: Back to school; For your own good; Redskins defended

Back to school

"I recently learned the 'back to school night' events were not scheduled this year for the middle and high schools. The school 'open houses' are poorly attended due to summer vacations and their early time of 4-6 pm. Work schedules also prevent parents from attending, and accordingly students have no transportation to attend their school's open house. Please reinstate back to school events for the middle and high schools at later evening hours so that parents and guardians can meet and engage the teachers who spend so much time with their children."

"Why does the WJC Schools transportation office wait until the last minute to provide bus routes so you know your kid will get to school on time?"

Zable Stadium expansion

"As a William and Mary football season ticket holder, I am delighted to read about the $27 million renovation at Zable Stadium. I am curious, however, as to how they can have an upper deck and suites, yet do little to increase the current capacity of 12,259."

For your own good

"When a driver pulls up to a yield sign and stops, he or she becomes a sitting target and those coming up behind their vehicle become the same. There is a horn on my vehicle which I have the option to use when I am forced into this situation. Please do not be offended when I use the horn to try to get them rectify the dangerous position we are in together. To the driver who recently reacted childishly to my horn: Be observant, and perhaps the realization will come that the horn needs to be used."

Eyeglass recycling

"There are numerous places in greater Williamsburg where used eyeglasses can be dropped off for recycling. These glasses are then used by local Lions Clubs to help people who can't afford to purchase their own. Two locations are the James City Recreation Center and Wal-Mart. For other locations, or for help with glasses or hearing aids, please email"

Redskins defended

"I find it hard to believe that we have gotten so soft-skinned that we can't use the word 'Redskins.' I think it is funny to see the different media outlets say that they will not use the word. Why was it not offensive a year or two ago when every other word was "Redskins" or "Griffin." The lawsuit for this has been going on for decades, two or three different cases and all of them brought by 3-5 people. That's people, not tribes, and of course that will be the next name that some one finds offensive. Throughout the history of the Redskins, the name has been used with honor and respect, never meant to be derogatory."


"I pick up trash when I do my morning exercise walk - it adds bending. I collect a bagful every few days in my neighborhood. The biggest (and smallest) contributors are smokers at about a pack a day. That's 140 cigarettes a week. The world is not your ashtray, and the filters seem to last forever. How about those colorful utility marker flags, which feel like the 'do not remove under penalty of law' tags. When can I remove them from my property? Then there are the unintentional litterers: the trash and recycling companies whose automated dumping let fly an occasional item, including those little foam packing worms we neglect to bag. Lest we forget, there are the drive-by advertisers, some that add candy or stones to the plastic-bagged ad to give them greater trajectory. And, dare I mention the packets of ads dumped in driveways of what seem to be non-subscribers of newspapers."

Future of golf

"Want to increase tourism and reverse the downward trend? I suggest those responsible for developing strategies take a look at this HBO Real Sports clip: The reality is there is nothing you can do with Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown that will increase numbers. They are what they are. Bush Gardens and Water Country are also what they are. New venues need to be added. Maybe the next time leaders get together to discuss strategies they should consider this."

Queen Anne's Lace

"I just read the item in the Last Word about somebody remembering Queen Anne's Lace as a favorite flower. It has been mine for many years. As a child, we used to cut it and use food coloring and put different colors in different glasses and set the stems of the Queen Anne Lace. And over night, they would change colors. So the next day, we would have pretty colored Queen Anne Lace bouquets. And sometimes, especially around Labor Day, we would do red and blue and then have red, white and blue flowers. It was such fun and such happy memories."

Out of business

"I wish the stores that have closed would remove their signage altogether or at least cover them up. They could put some kind of a banner over the top of them indicating they were closed."

Don't call me 'Honey'