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  • German soldier arrested on suspicion of planning attack

    Police have arrested a German soldier who had posed as a Syrian refugee on suspicion he was planning an attack, apparently motivated by anti-foreigner sentiment, in a case that German prosecutors said Thursday was "more than strange." The 28-year-old lieutenant, whose name wasn't released, faces...

  • 2 police wounded in shooting on French island of Reunion

    A man suspected of links to radical Islam shot two police officers on the French island of Reunion as they tried to arrest him Thursday, officials said. The incident is under investigation by national counterterrorism prosecutors. The two officers, from a special national police intervention force,...

  • After Whirlpool battle, Le Pen and Macron clash over fish

    After "the battle of Whirlpool," when Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron both went hunting for France's blue-collar vote at a threatened home appliance factory, the presidential candidates clashed over fish in a return to more traditional campaigning on Thursday. The anti-European Union far-right...

  • Pope faces balancing act in Egypt amid security fears

    Pope Francis is facing a religious and diplomatic balancing act as he heads to Egypt this weekend, hoping to comfort its Christian community after a spate of Islamic attacks while seeking to improve relations with Egypt's Muslim leaders. Security has been tightened, with shops ordered closed and...

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