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Looking for a Last Word on Republicans, June 9

Cost of poverty

I believe the more poverty we have will bring more crime and terrorism. St. Paul taught his followers to use the tithes and offerings to build and operate churches. Jesus taught to use the tithes to help people in need. I believe Paul got it all wrong because Jesus taught to lay up your treasures in Heaven and not on Earth.

Looking for …

Yes, does anybody have a couch and a love seat? I’d really appreciate it. Can you give me a call at 757-566-1718. Thank you.

Presidential politics 

What does it mean to be a Republican these days? For years I thought I was, but look what’s going on with the party's leaders now! From Speaker of the House to Senate Majority Leader, and on down, they are lining up to support this ignorant, divisive, bigoted bully for President, even though they were against him for good reason just a few months ago. I guess even Frankenstein would be OK if they thought he could win. I remember the 1955 prize-winning book “Profiles in Courage,” about politicians who did the right thing regardless of the consequences to themselves. I also remember when Republicans such as Reagan understood that to get anything worthwhile done for our country (all of us), some compromise was necessary. What has happened to this party? Is supporting a person like Trump what it means to be a Republican these days?

School uniforms

I love school uniforms and I wish that all the WJCC schools required them. For many kids, uniforms establish an immediate sense of belonging and for parents it alleviates one of the most common battles in the morning when trying to get kids ready for school. In schools with uniforms, there are fewer dress code issues and the enforcement of the uniform tends to be less arbitrary or subjective than a simple dress code. In areas were uniforms are common, most parents end up spending less on clothes than parents in areas without them.  Our school had a used uniform sale twice a year, parents donated outgrown uniforms and the PTA ran the sale. If every school in the district required uniforms, they would be easy to come by at yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment stores as well.

Convenience fee

I notice that on page 4 and in the Last Word, everybody’s talking about this new convenience fee for James City County citizens when they get their credit cards. But yet it was listed in the budget document that came back out in March and yet no one talked about it then. So people, if you read the budget, you would realize what was proposed in there and speak up next time and maybe they’ll understand. It’s too late now. 

Student housing

Do you have a student-owned and lived in residence in your neighborhood? Yes, with the usual—more junk in grass in the front yard and more cars than legal residents have parked in front. If you wish your house to look the same high standard as the rest of the neighborhood, I have a proven solution for you. Convince the student to run for county supervisor or City Council. Thank you.

Not an upgrade

I was wondering—is there anybody else but me that noticed that there’s a new cap on all of the liquid dish-washing bottles where it’s much too large in diameter now so when you squeeze it, half the bottle comes out. They used to have a little pull top that would seal when you push it down. Now it’s covered up by the side and the only thing I can think of is some real smart MBA thought he’d make a big change and use a lot more soap by having this new style, which does not work at all to help the people that actually have to buy it and use it.

Traffic lights

The timing of the traffic lights, just on Monticello alone, is amazingly awful.  Vehicles making left turns are forced to wait while no traffic is coming the other way. And, the light should stay green as long as traffic is tripping the switch.  Only a few cars can make it through before it starts to change.   Please fix this mess.


Not recommended

I have very disappointing experience with a local restaurant this morning. I wanted to place an order for four meals but apparently I called 25 minutes too early, so I was told in a very indifferent, rude voice that I would have to wait, to call back after 11. I would like to inform this man who answered four things. No.1, no, I don’t have to call back. No. 2, I’m sorry for the inconvenience and burden my potential order caused you. No. 3, I won’t be going back today. And No. 4, by the way, three of those items were for new customers who never heard of your business, and that was going to help promote it. So, you know what I think about that in the future when it comes to customer service, because that goes back to no. 1. Thank you!

Great fund-raising event 

I went to a yard sale this past Saturday because the people were trying to raise money for the canine therapy dogs. It was a lovely yard sale. The people there were so nice and worked so hard. They had wonderful buys, beautiful things. My husband and I went. We had recently lost our dog to cancer, and all the people working at the yard sale couldn’t have been more kind and supportive of our situation, and I just wanted to thank them for all the hard work that they did and also thank them for spending their Saturday raising money for the therapy dogs here in Williamsburg.

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