We need a Democrat atop the ticket

The Virginia Gazette

I want Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party nominee for president, in part, because she is a Democrat. It is jarring to see Bernie Sanders identified as "Sen. Sanders (I-Vermont)". Part of the job of a president is to be leader of his or her political party. It is not the most important part of the job, but it is part of the job.

If Sanders is not willing to make the simple phone call to the Secretary of the Senate to say "change my party affiliation to Democrat," how can the party trust him to play that role if he is its nominee? Why should the Democratic Party super-delegates align with him if he has not chosen to align with them? Will he raise funds or campaign for other Democrats? Will he have "coattails" that bring other Democrats into office with him if he gets elected?

I just heard a news story about independent voters in New York contacting voter registrars when they realize that they can't participate in that state's closed primary unless they are registered Democrats. The deadline for changing their party registration has passed. Vermont, Sanders' home state, does not require registration by political party, so he did not face that embarrassment. But it is odd that Sanders, when faced with his one opportunity to formally identify as a Democrat in the Senate, has not chosen to do so, while his supporters in New York will not be able to vote for their candidate because they have not formally identified as Democrats.

Karen McPherson


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