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Cunningham keeps the customers in the driver's seat


Since 1988, Cunningham Contracting has grown steadily by keeping the needs of the client front-and-center.

“Having three pages of references says a lot to me,” owner Steve Cunningham said. “It’s about the clients.”

When Cunningham started his business, it dealt chiefly in flooring. Over time it has expanded its services to include room remodeling and even home construction. And it all started with a desire to meet the needs of customers.

“We had clients go ‘Hey Steve, can you work on my kitchen?’ ” Cunningham said. “Business grew and grew into something else.”

That enthusiasm paid off. Cunningham Contracting won in three categories in the Best of Williamsburg 2017 contest: Bath remodeling, interior remodeling and exterior remodeling.

As a firm that focuses on bathroom and kitchen renovations, Cunningham also works to make rooms not only more modern and appealing, but functional for homeowners as they age.

Cunningham is a certified aging-in-place specialist, which means he has the know-how to renovate homes to keep pace with occupants’ changing needs as they get older.

Cunningham pointed to a computer screen on his desk to show a bathroom renovation project that featured safety bars, repositioned light switches and a more accessible shower. The renovations allow residents to maintain their independence within the comforts of familiar surroundings.

“It’s to make it feel like they’re home,” Cunningham said.

A common item on his daily to-do list is to visit job sites, which allows him to get a closer look at projects and discuss concerns and ideas with his workers and clients to keep the project on track.

“I like to go see what’s going on,” he said.

The firm is eager to work with clients to make their vision fit their budget, and Cunningham called listening to clients one of the most important parts of the job.

“We work real hard and try very hard to have all our customers happy,” Cunningham said.

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