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Snow hampers Williamsburg-area businesses

Area businesses take the weekend off

The onslaught of snow in the Williamsburg area forced plenty of businesses to shut down operations over the weekend.

"I don't remember the last time we didn't get a phone call for two days straight," said Chris Jump, owner of Anvil Campground.

Anvil Campground located on Mooretown Road remained open but shut down their main office Saturday and Sunday.

Williamsburg was hit with 12.5 inches of snow over the course of Friday night through Saturday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

"Our campground was open if you could get in," said Raymon Jump, operations manager at Anvil.

Raymon said the most action his business saw over the weekend was shoveling with one of the guests at the campground.

On a larger scale, it was hard to predict the storm's affect on tourism.

"We've not heard of any impact at this point but I'm sure the storm did result in some cancellations," said Bob Harris, senior vice president of tourism at the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance, in an email statement.

"We also find that sometimes when we talk with our lodging partners that they sometimes pick up some traffic with a storm like this from people choosing to stay over or spending a night here when they see how bad the roads are. I haven't heard of any impact from our partners at this point however."

For those who were in town, Aroma's wasn't open to provide their trademark coffee and breakfast.

Don Pratt, co-owner at the Merchants Square coffeehouse, said they were closed on Saturday and Sunday.

"It's still treacherous," Pratt said on Monday.

The conditions on the roads were still bad and Pratt said he was working with a skeleton crew so he decided to close at 6 p.m. instead of the normal 10 p.m.

Pratt said Aroma's would resume normal hours midweek. He thinks business will be good because people will have cabin fever from being cooped up for days.

In the alcohol tasting and tours industry, the snow had the same effect for Drink Williamsburg, a craft alcohol tour service.

"Most of the places we visit were closed," said Lance Zaal, co-owner of Drink Williamsburg. "Customers don't want to struggle through the snow, ice and cold."

One of the destinations that Drink Williamsburg frequents made an exception over the weekend, The Williamsburg Distillery, located on Merrimac Trail, was closed on Saturday but did open on Sunday for a couple who traveled from Washington D.C. for a tasting and tour.

"You can't stop for the snow, when there's work that's ready," said Bill Dodson, owner of the Williamsburg Distillery. "You have to distill when it's ready or it will go to waste."

Down on Richmond Road, Mark Wright, owner of the Jefferson Restaurant, said he was closed over the weekend but he reopened the steakhouse as usual on Tuesday.

"I just tried to make sure my staff and visiting customers would be safe," Wright said.

Jefferson can be reached by phone at 757-790-9313.

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