Williamsburg man faces 40 years  in meth manufacturing plea

WILLIAMSBURG — A 37-year-old man whom police say manufactured methamphetamine at his apartment on Virginia Avenue pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony drug charge. He faces up to 40 years in prison.

Tyson K. Hanna entered a guilty plea to one count of manufacturing methamphetamine in front of Circuit Court Judge Michael E. McGinty, who agreed to amend the charge so as not to specify how much of the drug had been produced. Prior to accepting the plea, McGinty told Hanna he could be sentenced serve up to 40 years in prison and pay a maximum fine of $500,000.

Joshua DeFord, assistant commonwealth's attorney, said earlier this year an informant told police Hanna may be involved in cooking meth. Maj. Greg Riley said Williamsburg police began their investigation in mid-March after receiving the anonymous tip. Hanna was arrested in April.

A search of the police database revealed that Hanna and his mother, whom he was living with at the time, had purchased pseudoephedrine on at least 20 occasions, DeFord said. According to a criminal complaint against Hanna, police searched the trash at his home and found what appeared to be a broken beaker that was scorched and had residue inside. DeFord said the find led police to obtain a search warrant.

Inside the apartment, officers found three clear bottles containing dried sludge, which the complaint notes is indicative of the "one-pot" method of manufacturing methamphetamine. Empty blister packs of pseudoephedrine and several other items that could be used to manufacture the drug were also found at the home, the document states.

DeFord said after he was read his Miranda rights, Hanna told police he was an addict, that he had been manufacturing meth for his personal use and his mother had nothing to do with it.

Hanna will be sentenced in November.

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