Riverside Health director details new development at business roundtable


Local business owners and members of city government gathered for lunch, conversation and to listen to Tracey Dowling, administrative director of business development and real estate services at Riverside Health Systems, speak at the Williamsburg Economic Development Authority’s business roundtable.

The group invited Dowling to its monthly luncheon to discuss the development of Quarterpath at Williamsburg, a mixed residential and commercial center being built on Battery Boulevard. The community will occupy 380 acres in the city upon its completion, which will include 1,300 townhouses and apartments, 750,000 square feet of retail space and 150 acres of undeveloped wooded areas and ponds that will serve as walking, biking and hiking paths for residents.

“The key aspect of our vision regarding wellness is a connection to nature — walk-ability, bike-ability and hike-ability in all the green space that will remain; social interaction in the community-zoned areas; and programming that will promote wellness,” said Dowling. “Although it’s going to be highly developed, it’s going to have plenty of green space too.”

Bill Kiniry, a partner with Willowwood Partners, a local consulting firm involved in planning and outlining Quarterpath’s expansion, explained how residential growth in the community has already begun. The apartment complexes in the community are at 95% occupancy, and 38 families occupy their luxury two- and three-story town houses.

“Occupants cover the spectrum from professionals, millennials, to retirees,” said Kiniry.

Quarterpath, which is owned by Riverside Health System, will have a distinct focus on health and quality of life, and will be marketed for its various amenities promoting an active lifestyle in addition to its proximity to Riverside Doctors’ Hospital.

“The uniqueness of this whole development is that it has local ownership, and it is a local owner who is very committed to this area,” said Dowling. “In fact, a recent review of our operations in the greater Williamsburg area revealed that the Riverside system can account for about $100 million of economic impact to the region, so we are very committed to the area.”

Michele Mixner DeWitt, Williamsburg’s economic development director, says that the city is optimistic about Quarterpath’s potential as a shopping and residential hub.

“It’s our last greenfield site in the city, meaning it has never been developed before, and that makes this unique for us as we help Riverside market it and try to attract businesses to relocate to Williamsburg,” said DeWitt.

For more information, visit Quarterpath at Williamsburg’s website at quarterpathatwilliamsburg.com.

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