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Trickle up theory of Trump's victory

Donald Trump says he has a mandate from the American people, but the data does not reflect that; however the data does show that Republicans have a mandate. Donald Trump did not receive more than 50% of the vote nationally and though he won 29 states, he won five of them with less than 50% of the vote and that included the bright red states of Arizona and Utah. The Republicans loss two Senate seats in states in which Hillary Clinton won: Illinois and New Hampshire, with Kelly Ayotte being a casualty of the Donald Trump campaign losing a close race to her Democrat opponent, Maggie Hassan.

The media is missing the big picture, in the states in which Republicans incumbents won — Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin — Trump won. I have not heard any of the pundits even mention this evaluation. Instead of Trump hurting the down-ballot races, it was the Republican Senate campaigns in those states that lifted Trump to victory.

That is how Trump won, not because of any issues or winning the Rust Belt and winning blue collar white workers, but the mandate the Republican nominees and the agenda Republican Party promoted.

John Bloom

Newport News

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