Matthews' legal background a plus

Dot Matthews impressed us at the recent School Board debate! WJCC needs Dot as a responsible steward of our tax dollars to ensure our young people receive the best education possible at best value. The school board will benefit from Dot Matthew's legal and financial expertise for future redistricting planning, selection of the next superintendent, and complying with the complex range of local, state, and federal education policies. Her legal skills will minimize the expense of hiring expensive consultant firms.

Lisa Ownby's education in social work and human resources are good but are better suited for the PTA. WJCC just doesn't need a community organizer with expensive and unrealistic feel-good programs.

We need Dot Matthews' legal and financial experience to ensure that our tax dollars hire a superintendent who will stay with us long-term and that our school programs comply with state and federal requirements. We strongly recommend voting for Dot Matthews on Nov. 8.

Jackson and Shirley Cartwright


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