March reinforced faith in our nation

I attended the Women's March in Washington on Jan. 21, and it reinforced my faith in the goodness and greatness of the people of our country. More than 500,000 women, men and children clogged the metro and the streets of our nation's capital. As we found our way around the city, D.C. police and National Guard who directed us smiled, waved, thanked us for coming and wished us a safe trip home. One woman in our group needed assistance stepping over curbs and navigating uneven terrain. Every time one of us offered her a hand, a nearby stranger would step up and offer to take her arm. I saw no rudeness, impatience or anger, even when we waited in long lines. Courtesy and mutual respect ruled the day.

The purpose of the march was to send a message to an administration that has traded in divisive rhetoric, demeaning statements about minorities, and the kind of name-calling that would not be tolerated on a third grade playground. The message is that the 54% of the American people who did not vote for Donald Trump – women, Muslims, LGTB individuals, blacks, immigrants, and even heterosexual white men – are all looking out for one another. We respect the dignity of each person and will be vigilant in challenging policies that threaten the rights of any segment of the population. Contrary to language that degrades or scapegoats any one group, we believe that each and every one of us is God's treasure, and we are at our best when we recognize the value of every person.

The Rev. Betty Hudson


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