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Visit Stryker building before deciding

The Virginia Gazette

I love the new Stryker Building! Its contemporary design is clean, soaring, and a breath of fresh air. I can only imagine the interior's natural light and views that will bring the outside in. Watching the construction bit by bit over the last few months has been delightful, like observing a 3-D puzzle emerge in exciting surprise. The new building sits beautifully on the site and has no doubt been designed to be very user friendly and convenient.

While some may not like the contemporary architectural style, it is truly dismaying to read the malicious and vitriolic comments that are regularly published in the Last Word. While not everyone will ever like the same art or architecture or music, is it really necessary to be so nasty in expressing these opinions? Particularly in our community that most of us would like to think of as congenial? I doubt many of these anonymous haters posting in the Last Word would ever spew such venom if they had to sign their names.

While it may not be brick like 99% of the rest of town (I'm kidding), what's wrong with a variety of styles in our community? For those who can't seem to accept the striking modern architecture of the new Stryker Building, please wait until it's finished. Form your opinions after it is completed. Visit. Sit. Contemplate. Try and open your mind a little.

And remember, it's 2015, not 1715.

Kathy Hornsby

James City County

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