Overy is clear choice for Delegate

The Virginia Gazette

We endorse Lara Overy unequivocally for the House of Delegates District 93 seat. The Daily Press editorial board said, "It would be difficult to walk away from a meeting with Ms. Overy without being impressed." No, it's impossible! For those who now Lara well, it is compelling to be impressed, with her presence, her capability to work with others, her work ethic, her focus on the most meaningful issues and more. She is a self-made woman who, as a single mother, worked her way through Thomas Nelson Community College and then to graduate from William and Mary where she is pursuing an MBA. Today the daughter she was raising is a lovely and talented 17-year old young lady who, along with 12-year old Madison and husband, Rick, are an exemplary American family.

Lara's personality and attitude assure that she can work with all members of the House. Unlike Mr. Mason, she will not have to make excuses about colleagues stealing her work. To read Mr. Mason's whining is rather akin to "the dog ate my homework" excuse. Her passion to Improve education, promote economic opportunities and to get a fair share of transportation funds are necessary initiatives. We have long needed a change in the transportation funding formula but legislators have not had the courage to wage the battle to get our share. To achieve that goal is enough reason to vote Lara as our 93rd District Delegate. She'll do much more.

Joe and Carol Mann

James City County

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