Right-to-work amendment won't be helpful

Sen. Tommy Norment wants us to clutter up the Virginia constitution with a right-to-work amendment. Virginia's present right-to-work law, which gives employees the benefit of union wages without paying their fair share of dues, gains nothing by adding it to the constitution. Workers will still have a right to be free riders.

After many studies, there is no agreement that right-to-work laws increase the number of jobs in a state, but there is evidence that overall wages are lower. According to one study, employees in right-to-work states earn about $1,500 less per year and have fewer health benefits (Wikipedia). In the absence of strong unions, corporate executives have garnered huge salaries and "incentives" that should have gone to employees as wage increases.

Corporations are pushing right-to-work laws — and this unnecessary constitutional amendment — through their lobbies like the American Legislation Exchange Council and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. This amendment will not make Virginia one bit more business friendly and will hurt workers in the long run. We should vote no on this unneeded proposal.

Wayne Moyer


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