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Election consequences seem obvious

The implications of this election could not be more obvious. On the one side, we have the New World Order Global Socialists and on the other the National Populists. Many Western World and American leaders have embraced the former assuming that multiculturalism, welfare and open borders will lead to utopia. They suppressed the latter, ignoring the fundamental importance of home and family.

The Democrat Party has embraced global socialism. Its candidates, including Hillary Clinton, espouse the "we are the world" ideology. Donald Trump believes in the nation state and, in particular, the uniqueness of America's nation state. If you listen to both Clinton and Trump, you can hear this ideological distinction.

Clinton sees national populists as deplorable and irredeemable. She embraces cultures that are incompatible with American values. Clinton sees the Constitution as an impediment to governance, and would minimize the individual protections of the Bill of Rights. She would be an imperial socialist executive.

Trump is the classic American entrepreneur. His idea to "Make America Great Again" is that of a national populist. Trump embraces America, and wants to bring jobs and businesses home for American families. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law would be fundamentally important to his presidency.

If the 20th century has taught anything, it is that the socialist ideology leads to slavery, slaughter and social suicide. There is no reason to assume that New World Order Global Socialism would yield anything different.

Dr. Robert A. Warren

James City County

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