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Republican Party just doesn't get it

The Virginia Gazette


The "Trump Effect" is intriguing. Every time I tune in CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News, Trump is the lead story. The political establishment, the academics, and the political talking heads display a complete lack of understanding of the "Trump effect" or the typical Trump supporter. Before I continue, it is prudent to disclose a few things. I am a conservative who traditionally votes for the Republican candidate. I try to take a step back and consider things using the critical thinking skills I developed in my University studies. I have a Masters in Organizational Leadership and over two decades experience in Corporate America. Finally, this letter paints with a broad brush. I offer neither a critic nor an endorsement of Trump. My proposal is: The leaders of the Republican Party and the political talking heads are out of touch with the silent majority.

Since the election of Barack Obama, the Republican Party has consistently promised to stand up and oppose the Obama agenda. Instead of real, substantive action the elected have merely offered symbolic votes. There has been no attempt to slow the country's move to the left. It seems the true agenda of the elected is staying in power. This consistent failure to match rhetoric and action places the Republican Party in an awkward position: The silent majority of right wing voters supports a "non-establishment" candidate.

The leadership of the party opposes Trump just as much as the left and the media. This fuels a vicious cycle; establishment opposition to Trump solidifies the support for Trump which leads to more establishment opposition. The Republican Party is its own worst enemy. Instead of telling the party faithful, "you are doing it wrong," they should try to understand their base. They just don't get it.

R. K. White


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