Beware new voter registration scam

Voters should be aware of a nasty voter suppression scam being put out by a group called America's Future Inc.

This alt-Right group is mass mailing voters with a Make America Great-type letter and advising the voters of the fact they are not registered or might not be registered. I have received four. As I sit here writing this I am looking at my very valid voter registration card and a letter that says America's Future Inc's records show I am not registered. An envelope with a registration form addressed to Virginia Department of Elections is enclosed.

A quick check of the state elections website will direct you to a portal that will verify whether you are indeed registered. Do not, I repeat do not, send in the registration form until checking online or by phone with the State Elections Dept. or your local registrar.

Should the scammed voter send in the form and already be registered, the old registration will be canceled and a new one will be issued. The delays caused by the confusion will result in the already registered voter not being registered in time to vote. The same scam was run in the 2012 elections on a smaller scale. It would appear the scam is a ploy to suppress voting, clog the system and cause delays at the polls.

I know how I am voting; how you vote is your business. I am voting for the folks that want more people to vote, not fewer. That terrorizes certain very selfish people.


James City County

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