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There are many ways to change the world

Many of us support the ideals of acceptance, equality, and love and disagree with the tenets of supremacy, division, and hate. Some desire changes at the political level to support their ideals, yet may feel powerless to effect any meaningful changes.

You are not powerless. You can change public policies and support your cause within the framework of our state and federal laws.

The following list offers some simple ideas for becoming an effective, respectful advocate and activist for your cause:

•Educate yourself on the facts of an issue. Facts are not biased, are easily checked by anyone, and can be supported by hard evidence.

•State your position with confidence and with love, not hate.

•Start at the source: Sometimes the simplest way to "right a wrong" is to politely ask the offending party if they will change their action, policy, or behavior.

•Be persistent. Sometimes the squeaky wheel really does get the grease.

•Write a letter to, or call and speak with, your local, state, and federal political representatives, or start a letter writing campaign with others who support your cause. (

•Visit your congressperson, delegate, and elected officials and speak with them. Become the face of your cause.

•Public education: Expand your support base by presenting informational lectures or classes.

•Support other people or groups — grassroots, nonprofits or politicians — who are on the same side of an issue as you are.

•Hold a public protest.

•Research, write, and publish a factual position paper, or background paper, on the issues. Publish and distribute it freely, and be sure to include your fact sources and your contact information. NOTE: Make sure your contact info doesn't include your home or work address, or personal telephone number if you are distributing this to the masses - unless you enjoy having those who disagree with you show up uninvited at your home or place of business 24 hours a day.

•Target all decision makers and public opinion influencers with your message.

•Gather supporters and have them multiply your efforts.

•Make the changes yourself. River dirty? Clean it up. System broken? Fix it. Politician making bad decisions? Run for office.


Thanks for indulging me and taking the time to read my advice. Now get active!

Matt Seats

York County

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