Last Word on 'Hidden Figures', Jan. 21

Great movie

The movie "Hidden Figures" is wonderful from so many perspectives. If you love space travel, math, rockets, mysteries, genius, computers, people or history, see the movie. Outstanding! Really, so much to take in, we'll see it more than once. It should be shown at our schools so all young people will be inspired to enjoy and use their brains and all special talents they have.

Guns at library

Will the would-be cowboys ever be content with leaving their cowboy outfits and guns at home? Or save them for gatherings with like-minded wannabes? The peace loving, getting-along-with people want to be able to relax, read, research, enjoy our tax-paid library without wondering which of the wannabes is going for more excitement in his apparently boring life. If you must wear guns, openly carry them, then go where the rest of you go to read, relax and leave the rest of us in peace!

Intriguing equation

A comment on Jan. 7 contained the following statement: "European settlers were to American Indians as Israeli settlements are to Palestinians." This assessment is a thought-provoking analogy about a very serious issue that affects a number of countries, especially in the Middle East. Readers will find it educational if the commentator would write a "Letter to the Editor," outlining both the Israeli and Palestinian sides of this conflict.

Regarding China

I always laugh when I hear of how we are going to set the Chinese straight if they don't behave. I realize Williamsburg is flag-waving central, but that is total nonsense. As of the end of October this year, China holds almost 30 percent of Treasury bills, notes and bonds outstanding, to the tune of more than a trillion dollars. I think we have it upside down, as usual. It is we who had better behave ourselves or China will read the Riot Act to us. We had better get a grip on reality.

Helping charity

The person asking for guidance in making charitable donations cannot go wrong with Doctors without Borders or Oxfam. They have impeccable reputations.

To the person looking a place or resource to rate charities, try this article in Consumer Reports: Also, is a good resource.

From my personal experience, the Salvation Army is one of those that spends most of their money on assisting those in need.

Snow story

I knew it was coming, people complaining about the roads "not" being cleared after this last snow storm. As I sat in the office of a business on Longhill Road Saturday that had to have someone manning the business, I can confirm that many times I saw the plow trucks or motor graders come by plowing snow. What you people don't seem to understand is that when the snow becomes impacted, it becomes a sheet of ice that no plow is going to remove. This area is not accustomed to the amount of snow we received. The road crews were working with what they had and to the best of their ability. If you think you can do a better job, then maybe you need to step up and see what you can do. Kudos to all who worked to try and get the roads in the best condition possible.

Looking for …

I know there is a place in Newport News, but locally is there a kickboxing studio or class? Not Martial Arts, not a kickboxing class at the local gym, but a real kickboxing studio?

To the person looking for a small plumbing firm, I would strongly recommend Haynes Drains & Plumbing, phone: 757-259-PIPE. They are a local, small plumbing service and do excellent work at a reasonable price. We've used them for several years and couldn't be more satisfied. Give them a call.

Does anyone know of a local doctor (M.D. or D.O.) who specializes in treating the cause, rather than the affect, of diseases with things such as nutrition and exercise? I am interested in a doctor with vast knowledge of how supplements interact with the body and brain and who has the ability to prescribe.

This message is for the person looking for a plumber who does work on his own and not with a large company. We, too, were looking for the same thing and were blessed enough to find Tracy Sheeley at TS Plumbing, and he is wonderful. His phone number is 757-903-5790. Thank you.

I'm trying to find a place to take my needles to. I have the Sure-Click needles that I use. I have a year's worth because no one in Williamsburg will take them and I've even called the manufacturing company of the medicine and they won't take them. I was sent a sent a list of pharmacies that would take them when I first started taking my shots a year ago, and those pharmacies said they no longer take needles any more. So I need to know where everybody in Williamsburg takes their needles. Leave information in the Last Word. Thank you.

Will the person who scraped the side of my daughter's Ford Escort ES2 on Dec. 17 and put black tape on it, please give us a call at 757-565-3736.

Does anyone know who makes copies of CDs with cover art? I have one personal CD that I would like to duplicate. Thank you.

In response to the person who said she knows a hairdresser in the area who works well with fine, thinning hair: Please call me and let me know how I can reach him. Call 253-0389 and leave a message. Thank you.


The comment about the William and Mary cheerleaders is so true. They are extremely athletic. Do yourself and your family a favor. Enjoy the gem of Williamsburg, that being the William and Mary athletic events. Take your family to a basketball game and be a part of the William and Mary spirit. It's truly entertaining.

Free to you

I have five Hummel plates, two from 1980 and one from 1981, 1972 and 1979. They are in their original boxes and in perfect shape. Free to first caller who will come and pick them up. Please call 757-645-2423 if interested.

Sentry safe with an interior opening of 12-by-15 inches. Overall dimensions are 17-by-22 inches and 14 inches deep. A card with the combination is attached to the handle of the safe. Free to the first person who calls and comes to the house to get it from the second floor. It's heavy enough to need two people. Please call 757-645-2423 if you are interested.

For free: Christmas tree. Artificial, 8-foot, lighted. Pick up. 564-3555. Thank you.

Colonial Williamsburg

The recent layoffs at Colonial Williamsburg, in addition to the ones last year and many retirements, are a tragedy. This is in addition to the president making $666,000 per year (per Charity Navigator) and the millions being invested in the Williamsburg Inn renovations. Other large history museums are experiencing increases in visitation — Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Museum had 1.5 million visitors and visitation at Conner Prairie in Indiana has also been increasing 10 percent each year, and there are many others that are doing very well. This is about a lack of leadership from the president and the board of trustees. Who in this community will speak up about this?

Mail delivery

I know the old adage of "neither hail nor sleet nor snow" doesn't apply to the modern-day post office, but I'm just trying to figure out what's going on with the post office in this past snowstorm. We got no mail Saturday or Monday. It's kind of understandable. We got mail Tuesday. We got no mail Wednesday. Just seems like they operate on their own hours whenever they want to. Just trying to find out what's going on.

New stores

Since we lost Handel's Ice Cream, I hope we will get a new shop in the Lightfoot Marketplace. What new shops are going there — we need pizza, coffee and a drugstore? Thanks!

Thank you

Cheers to the gents at James City County Police. Thank you, all of you, for being very patient with me while I was walking across slushy ice and snow at Ewell Station. It was appreciated that you all didn't go blaring on your horn like the average person. You saved me from having a very bad fall.

Missing myrtles

This is about the crepe myrtles in Ford's Colony. Isn't it ironic that the Ford's Colony Homeowners' Association has decided that the crepe myrtle is their signature tree and sells them to promote their planting throughout the neighborhoods? And yet they turn around and tear down iconic crepe myrtles that are part of their landscape. Does this make sense?


When we were searching for someone to repair window shades, we were referred to Roger and Denise Mitchell. They are doing business as the Blind Doctor, 757-345-1137. They arrived at the scheduled time, quickly diagnosed the problem, replaced all lines on the damaged shade and were excellent to work with. They do most repairs in your home — very reasonable service charge. Very highly recommended.

If you need your driveway, walks, and bricks cleaned of dirt, mold, grime, etc., hire Jamestown Window Cleaning and you can't go wrong. The company's name belies the fact that they do other outdoor cleaning as well. They recently did a truly outstanding job for me at a reasonable price. To top it off, they cleaned the fencing and washed the outside of my first story windows. Can't say enough good things about this company. Call the owner, Radu, at 757-753-3482 for a free estimate.

Place to play

Level the playing field and get your car washed. Lafayette High School's baseball team has no on-site baseball field or winter practice facility. Warhill and Jamestown teams have both. Mega Auto Spa on Route 5 will donate $1 to LHS baseball if you use the code 9003. The baseball team is trying to find facilities to rent/use for the winter. Thank you.

Health insurance

Just curious about what kind of health/medical/prescription insurance members of Congress enjoy and how it is paid for. Some members of Congress seem totally determined to quickly end the current insurance program for "ordinary Americans," while Congress never worries about the sweet coverage they have.

To the person whose unemployed son is having trouble affording health insurance: The problem is that Virginia did not expand Medicaid coverage to cover people like your son, who are able-bodied but have very low incomes. The federal government pays for 90 percent of the cost of the expanded Medicaid program, but Republicans in the Virginia legislature decided not to take the money and to leave many poor adults without affordable insurance. This decision has meant unnecessary suffering and even death for those in this neglected group.

Whether Republicans totally overhaul Obamacare or just slap on fresh paint and a new name, we all know one thing for sure: If there had not been an Affordable Care Act, Republicans would never have extended health care insurance to millions of Americans who previously couldn't get it through their employers or couldn't afford it.


To the person wanting a few clementines: We will gladly give you some from the five pound package we purchased. Please leave a phone number or contact us through the Last Word. We would also prefer buying smaller packages, but they are not usually available. Clementines are sweet, juicy and easy to peel, very different from mandarins. However, stores frequently sell them in a similar package.

More empathy

I have observed that some medical doctors and nurses do not have enough empathy to be compassionate. They have enough intelligence to become a doctor or a nurse but lack enough empathy to be helpful. This causes the patient to experience more stress and illness. All public contact personnel who care for the sick or old should be required to take an EQ test to find out if they have the empathy to be helpful. If they do not, they are doing more harm than good.

President Trump

I hope Trump is the best president ever, and so should every other American citizen. He inherits a very divided country with a horrible economy (worst labor participation rates in several decades) with numerous threats (ISIS, debt, undemocratic and corrupt DNC practices). I am tired of all the negative attitudes (mostly from angry liberals who didn't get their way). Support Trump! At least he is trying to unite us all. Give him a chance! Stop the negativity and let's see if Trump can truly make America great Again.

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