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Last Word on hurricane help, Sept. 9

Hurricane help

Does anyone know what churches are collecting for the people of Texas, or any place that you could bring donations of clothes?

Since Republican lawmakers are most likely going to demand offsets in the federal budget to pay for rebuilding South Texas, the first place they can start is by zeroing out the president's budget requests for money for his border wall. The hundreds of billions the wall will cost can be used to rebuild Texas' infrastructure and roads and bridges across the rest of the country creating jobs in all of the states.

A suggestion for hurricane preparation. Have all your clothes and laundry washed and dried. That will be one less worry.

27 GOP congressmen and senators voted no to Sandy relief. All of them should get on their knees and beg forgiveness before Texas gets a dime.

New stores

Since Farm Fresh on Merrimac Trail is closing, we definitely need a Starbucks on that side of town. And Williamsburg/James City County could also use an Ollie’s bargain store. Thanks.

Isn’t it ironic that the college cannot rent out those dining-type commercial spaces in Tribe Square, yet one mile down the road on Jamestown is the Mason School of Business? If they can have masters’ of business administration classes, surely they can figure out how to rent those small café type areas. It’s ironic. They can tell people how to work on Wall Street, but they can’t rent out two dining facilities. Thank you.

Is the S&K men’s store in Williamsburg Marketplace off of Mooretown Road planning on making a comeback? If not, they need to remove their sign. They’ve been closed for years and the sign is still up. It’s very misleading.

Williamsburg taxes

I understand that tourism was slow this summer in Williamsburg. I know how we can fix that: Let's raise taxes in the city so the people who do come can pay more than they would when visiting other areas. Then they can go home and tell all their friends what an economical vacation they had so those families will rush here. Oh wait, that may not work.

SOL scores

I was very dismayed to see the WJCC SOL scores. Even more dismayed with the SOL scores for black students. Especially when compared to York scores which, I believe, has demographics relatively similar to the WJCC area. And last time I checked, per pupil spending at WJCC was a bit higher than York. This does not speak well for anyone looking to move to this area. This is the cause which BLM and NAACP should really be screaming about. It is also disconcerting that others in this "university" community seem unconcerned by their silence.

Food trucks

Please leave our beloved Williamsburg alone. Merchants Square is an important part of our beautiful town and we don't need food trucks around. There is not such a thing as an "affordable" vacation, unless you go camping. Most tourists know what to expect in terms of expenses and that includes food. Even going to Virginia Beach will cost you! The Good Neighbor pass is a great deal for us locals and the visitor's pass is worth it. The taverns are unique and the local restaurants on MS serve fantastic healthy food worth every penny. I guess you prefer to eat your "whatever" standing up after a long day of touring around?

More support

Lafayette High football has generated a fantastic win record over the past several seasons. Yet, in their season opener at Wanner Stadium Thursday night, the home side bleachers were only about one-third full. The visiting team, from far away Portsmouth, had just as many fans there. Pitiful!

Looking for …

I lost a silver bracelet at Harris Teeter, Lightfoot, on Aug. 30. Quite sentimental. Please call me at 757-235-2694 if you find it. Thank you. Editor’s note: We published this last week, but the phone number was incorrect.

Will the woman who offered to get me coffee on Aug. 19, please return so I can thank you in person.

I’m looking for a contact for the policeman who collects stuffed animals around Christmas. I have a donation to make. Thank you.

The correct local phone number for Dr. Miles-Thomas is 757-345-5554. She is in Williamsburg once a week on Friday and the office is in the Geddy Building at Sentara.

Does anyone know where the local (possibly Newport News) Ehlers-Danlos support group meets or contact information?

Looking for a fence, wire or wooden, that anyone is getting rid of. I’ll come and get it. Call 804-931-3276 and leave a message. Thank you.

Symphony concert

The Virginia Symphony last week at the College of William and Mary was wonderful. Beautiful music, great crowd, lovely evening. Patriotic music, but where was the American flag? All of us sitting together wondered, “Where was the American flag?” when we stood up and sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” Maybe someone needs to think about this.

Ghost tours

Please let it be known that the oldest ghost tour in Virginia is the Original Ghosts of Williamsburg. For the past decade, I have worked as a guide for them and we never go into graveyards or trespass on private property. I am a member of the community and try to behave in a respectful and professional manner.

To the person concerned about tours in Cedar Grove Cemetery: Please know that Maximum Guided Tour groups do not set foot in any cemetery during any tour day or night. Our ghost tour route uses the public streets and public green spaces in Colonial Williamsburg. I can state this with authority because I have I been with MGT for 22 years working the Original Ghosts of Williamsburg Candlelight Walking Tour. For the past 10 years, I have trained our ghost guides.

Teaching history

I agree with the writer who wrote about the real reason interest in Colonial Williamsburg and American history is declining. Educational institutions are teaching kids that American history is riddled with atrocities instead of defending the actions of the many brave men and women who founded this country. Teachers, please stop tearing down America and recognize our history for what it was. If this country wasn't looked upon as one of the greatest models of civilized society, why are so many people from around the world trying to immigrate here?

Thank you

Thank you to whomever left the beautiful white origami swan perched on the rim of the trash can at the post office. You certainly brightened my day. If you’re secretly leaving them all over town, I hope I encounter more. Bless you.

I just wanted to thank the nurses, staff and doctors of the fourth floor north section of Williamsburg Sentara Hospital. They took awesome care for my brother last week. Everyone was so friendly and would go out of their way to make sure my brother was in good hands. I can't think of anyone more caring and patient than the people who work on the fourth floor. Thank you.

I want to thank the members of the Stonehouse at Mill Pond Security Force for their loyalty and professionalism. They are true professionals, always there when we need assistance. We are lucky to have them. Thank you.

Owning vs. renting

Imagine that your mortgage lender who holds the deed to "your" property demands access for inspections to make sure you are keeping their property in a safe and sanitary condition. The people who live in an area income-restricted apartment complex have been informed that housekeeping inspections will be performed twice a month coupled with pest control. That, plus the quarterly furnace filter change that also includes an apartment inspection and the annual inspection by the corporate entity that sells tax credits for affordable housing equals 29 housekeeping inspections per year. Is this landlord harassment, or just protecting landlords from the perceived slovenly habits of the working class? Would home "owners" with deeds owned by banks stand for this?

Free to you

We have a large number of moving boxes including wardrobe boxes for free. Queens Lake area. 870-5027.

We have a king-size top mattress to give away free to anyone that calls and can pick it up. Phone number 544-8747. Thanks.


Now that Williamsburg's Quarterpath Rec Center has reopened, we highly recommend everyone to check out the refurbished gym floor. Whether it is too hot, too cold or raining, you can still walk for free from Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Folks in wheelchairs are welcome regardless if you are from Williamsburg, James City or York County. Come join us. Call 757-259-3760 for more info.

We recently went to the new Total Wine in Newport News and were surprised to find Ray, the former owner of World of Wine in New Town, as a part of their team. When we went to World of Wine, the wine tastings were very good, as usual, and they were good at Total Wine. The wine was terrific and we plan on returning several times.

I want to tell people about the dermatologist I met. Dr. Tacastacas with Dermatology Specialists in McLaws Circle. She was so knowledgeable, caring and delightful. I highly recommend her. Thank you.

We followed up on the Last Word recommendations for the Spice Palace at Williamsburg Crossing, and absolutely love it. Authentic Indian décor and music, extremely friendly and helpful servers and fabulous food which can be ordered mild or spicy. Servings are generous, and we have twice shared an entrée that is plenty for the two of us. Prices are very reasonable.

I highly recommend Priority Nissan of Williamsburg for a hassle-free, totally satisfying experience in car buying. General Manager Jim Hernandez has a great team working with him. Salesmen Randolph and Bo spent a lot of time explaining all the features of my new car. This is the second vehicle I have purchased there and can attest to the fact that Service Manager Jay runs a clean and efficient operation. All his associates are very helpful and knowledgeable. Williamsburg is lucky to have this dealership!

Just finished reading a terrific book, “A Sign Of The Times” by Emil Cicogna. It’s available at the Williamsburg Regional Library. Many of us can relate to the theme of the book and we can chuckle as we say: “And now history is repeating itself.” Enjoy!

Up in Washington

Trump doesn't seem to understand that a government shutdown only affects non-essentials. If he refuses to raise the debt ceiling, millions won't receive Social Security checks and we will march on the White House.

Congress approval rating is 16 percent; incumbents have a 96 percent return rate. Health care is broken, debt ceiling crisis, roads and bridges crumbling, no bipartisan solutions, 12 days left with six of them travel days before next recess. We the people need to bring them home for good.

To the person who blamed Obama for the military aircraft crashes: Yes, Obama has to take some blame, but so do members of Congress who wasted their time and our money trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act and shut down the government every chance they got. And everyone who said, “cut taxes, cut taxes” is also to blame, because without taxes how can the military buy the parts they need or pay the people to fix the aircraft when needed? So there is more than enough blame to go around, even to you and me.

Since the Secret Service has used up its entire budget for protecting the president for the year, they just simply need to tell him he going to have to stay at the White House or travel without their protection. His choice.

Does anyone know where I can get the new Trump drink, Im-peach mint schnapps?

Term limits needed. How can 245 congressmen become millionaires while in office? Between 2007 and 2012, our District 1 representative, net worth increased by an average of 117 percent per year according to congressional records. Comparatively, the American citizen experienced a median yearly decline in net worth of -0.94 percent. Not bad pay for poor career politicians. Time for a change?

In the second quarter, the U.S. economy grew at the fastest pace in two years. Consumer spending up, investments up, even though a lot of the news media wants you to think that people are thinking, “It’s chaos, it’s terrible.” Those who know what’s going on, building businesses, and those that know what’s going on, that’s pro-America, are thrilled to death. Private employers are so thrilled that 237,000-plus jobs have been added in the second quarter. There’s no chaos, there’s no turmoil. We are moving in the right direction, step after step after step forward, and we await the overhaul of the tax code, which Trump has proposed. Thank you.

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