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Last Word on saying 'thank you,' Nov. 23

Thank you

At Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for those on-duty police officers, fire personnel, EMTs, ER and hospital staff that make our holiday safe and secure.

A very special thanks to the fire department in Toano. I called them about my smoke detectors and asked if they could install two new ones I had purchased. They not only installed the two I had purchased but put in two of theirs, so I have a total of seven current and up-to-date smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. I don't feel bad when I can only write a small check as charity for the fire department. They earn every penny. Thanks again to the Toano Fire Department. A donation will be in the mail tomorrow.

Too much alcohol?

I recently purchased some eggnog at a Virginia ABC store and was given a flier advertising its specials for Thanksgiving. On Monday, if you purchase $20 or more, you receive a free miniature bottle of alcohol and on Friday, if you buy a certain amount of liquor, you will receive a discount. These offers are subject to some limitations but I wonder if the commonwealth of Virginia should be encouraging people to consume alcohol.

Rules of the road

If, as a recent writer said, driver's education classes teach a two-second following distance, they are misleading the students. No wonder so many drivers follow too closely! The DMV's Virginia Driver's Manual says the following on page 12: "On dry surfaces, the following distance should be at least 2 seconds at speeds less than 35 mph; at least 3 seconds up to 45 mph and at least 4 seconds below 70 mph. On wet or slippery surfaces, the following distances should be increased." It goes without saying that there is no maximum following distance.

Looking for …

Lost: 50-year-old wedding gift from my wife. While swimming at the recreation center on Longhill Road, I left a religious medal in the shower area. My wife and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. If anyone finds it, please call 757-259-0267. The medal is not expensive but has a great deal of sentimental meaning. Reward for finding it. Thank you in advance.

Looking for a licensed/bonded handyman who can help replace bathtub fixtures that are constantly leaking in 60-year-old home. The pipes are inside a wall with no way to get at them unless you cut away the wall and replace the sheet rock. We've called a plumber for an estimate, but he couldn't replace the wall. Please respond in the next Last Word with your contact info. Thank you so much!

Kristin Green can be located at Virtues Salon, 312 Lightfoot Road, Suite 1, Williamsburg. Telephone number — her cell is 757-715-0749.

We wish the Colonial Williamsburg web and local phone number would offer, as in the past, "Click here to have the holiday planner sent to you." We don't want to miss all the wonderful special events! Editor's note: If you've found the planner on the website, simply click it to download a copy to your computer. You can use it there or print it out if that's easier.

To the person offering free adult diapers: My 93-year-old mom is desperately in need of the diapers. My number is 564-9593. We greatly appreciate your kind offer. Call and I will pick the diapers up.

Good morning. I'm interested in responding to the adult diapers that you have an abundance of. My number is 757-810-3766. Thank you.

I am interested in the large, abundant adult diapers, the pull-on pants, that you have for free. So, if you have any left, could you please call me at 757-258-0542. Thank you very much.

Found in New Town at the Gazebo, a small change purse — call and identify, 757-880-3330.

Found in the outlets parking lot — a Pandora charm bracelet — call and identify, 757-880-3330.

Reward: Indian Springs Road. Small rug and pad might have fallen off my car roof on Friday night or Saturday morning, Nov. 17-18. If found, call 757-788-9641.

Reply to the person who wanted to know where to buy flannel button-down shirts: I Googled it for you. JCPenney's, Sears, Macy's, Kohl's and (I'm) pretty sure men's shops in the outlet stores would have them.

To the person seeking a primary care physician, I highly recommend Dr. Christopher Massengill of Sentara Family Medicine in New Town. He has been our family physician for over 10 years and is caring and conscientious—220-2795.

The person looking for a primary care physician who accepts Medicare should look at the ads in the Gazette. Both Sentara and Riverside advertise that they accept Medicare and have physicians available.

I would like to report a lost silver bracelet with gems on it, lost Nov. 19 at either the Phi Beta Kappa Hall at the "Addams Family" play or at Paul's Deli in New Town. Very sentimental to me in value and reward offered if found. My number is 757-220-3491. Thank you.

Longhill Road

This is about VDOT's plan to put a traffic circle on Longhill Road halfway between Route 199 and Olde Towne Road. Are they crazy? People in this part of the state have trouble with stop signs, yield signs and no-turn-on-red signs and they expect these same people to know what to do at a traffic circle? All VDOT needs is a right turn lane from Longhill to Williamsburg Plantation Road and a left turn lane from Longhill to Williamsburg Plantation Road and a traffic light with sensors for Williamsburg Plantation Road. Less land, less confusion, less accidents. Editor's note: VDOT is holding a public meeting on the widening project from 4-7 p.m. Dec. 6 at Lafayette High School.

I do think widening Longhill Road between Route 199 and Olde Towne Road to four lanes is probably the best thing to do for the future, but what about the rest of Longhill Road? I think the best thing VDOT could do for the rest of Longhill Road is add a center turn lane all the way from Olde Towne Road to Centerville Road. A center turn lane would widen Longhill Road without taking too much land and make for an overall safer roadway. It would give drivers a safe way to drive around bicyclists and pedestrians, and a way that emergency vehicles could safely pass cars on Longhill.

Christmas trees

Whilst exiting my automobile at the local Food Lion on Nov. 14, but what to my wondering eyes did appear, no, no, not a miniature sleigh with eight tiny reindeer, but a large bunch of pre-cut Christmas trees. Now, I was to wonder, what these trees would look like in about six weeks on Christmas Day.

Managing deer

Reportedly, William and Mary is considering a management plan for the deer overpopulation that is drastically altering the ecosystems of College Woods. Given this well-documented destruction and the increasing risk of vehicle-deer accidents, a comprehensive deer management plan is needed, and not only for William and Mary, but for Williamsburg and nearby counties.

The trifecta

In the Last Word for Nov. 19, under "Post election," someone wrote a statement that there are only four states that have Democratic governors and Democratic legislatures. There are six states — California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Oregon. Those are the six states that have both Democratic governors and Democratic legislatures.

Mail delivery

I am very disturbed about the way the mail is being handled here lately. We're not getting mail until 10 p.m. Is it because there is just too much work for the carriers to get the mail out before dark? I believe they need to start dividing these routes up a little bit to get the mail delivered properly. I would suspect that someone is not taking care of this in the proper way. The Kingsmill folks and Hickory Sign Post folks and other areas are getting their mail very, very late. So, I hope someone looks into this soon, or the postmaster general will. Thank you.


We've so enjoyed "The Addams Family" production at William and Mary — super staging, strong and delightful cast — and the Williamsburg Players' "The Best Man" — again, excellent cast and staging! We are so fortunate to be able to easily enjoy outstanding theater! Thank you to all who make it possible!

'Relevant' question

Will someone from Ascension of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church please write in to the Last Word what the term "relevant" means? I know you sometimes have a banner out next to your sign, and I was just curious as to what it meant. I, myself, am Lutheran, but I'm just interested in what that term meant. Thank you.


Going to Home Depot to work on a big project can be so overwhelming. Luckily we have found Kendra, who has been a big help to us. She seems to be everywhere, as over the years she has helped us with a backsplash, blinds, paint and kitchen cabinets, as well as with returns and at the service desk. She always has a smile on her face and welcomes you like an old friend. Later, when you come in, she checks to see how your project went. Thanks, Kendra — you are why I shop at Home Depot!

I found the Blue Crab Bookshop on Route 17 at Yorktown between Fort Eustis Boulevard and Denbigh Boulevard, near the railroad track in an older, strip-shopping-type building. A new building is going up on the lot next to it. Purchased several books. Good prices and a nice selection in a well-marked area. Going back to check out the children's section and the holiday books. Thanks.

Health insurance

Recently, I was diagnosed with cancer, a dreaded diagnosis for anyone. Because I had insurance with Medicare, I was able to obtain the diagnostic tests, the follow-up with assistance finding a doctor to do the necessary surgery and the continuing post-operative care. I am looking at a positive prognosis. Having health insurance made the difference for me. Everyone deserves to have this same opportunity when faced with this situation. Why would many people in this country be denied this very basic right?

Not so caring

Our dog is dying of cancer. She needed a refill on her antibiotic and appetite stimulant. I called our vet clinic and was told that to get them, I would have to pay in full on the $800 owed. This is despite the fact that we have never failed to pay during our years of going to this clinic, and have already paid $2,000 during the past three weeks for the measures taken in this extreme situation. In demanding the money now, it feels practically like extortion, with our dear old little Pom, Jill — the most well-known dog in Williamsburg — being held for ransom. "Humane treatment," my foot.

Clinton Foundation

About the Clinton Foundation: Nobody argues that the Clinton Foundation is legitimate. They have to be, in order to receive millions of dollars. What is totally wrong is that Clinton's campaign went on and on about women's rights while getting money from those same countries that deny their women an education, prohibits them from driving and even tells them what to wear. Shame, shame, shame!

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