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Last Word, Feb. 29: Presidential politics

Readers say the pope needs to look to his own wall before commenting on Donald Trump's idea.

Presidential politics

There's a degree of irony—in fact, a great deal of irony—in President Obama heralding his complying with the Constitution in the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice. This is the same president who has shredded that same Constitution for the past seven-plus years by implementing his own illegal actions to suit his own agenda. The rights of citizens and the authority of Congress have been mere inconveniences.

Assisted living
Our assisted living places are built to make money. Some employees are more interested in their paychecks than the people under their care. Neglect is the greatest abuse. One day we will all be judged on how we treated other people.

Real intentions

In response to Mr. Cortez and his comments regarding continuing a Lenten diet: I think that is a great idea. We should also revert to sacrificing animals to God on a regular basis.

Papal borders

I found it bizarre that the Pope is at our borders in the United States praying with those who illegally want to come in and saying that, you know, we should have no borders. Here’s my suggestion: Take your wall down, Pope. Not to be disrespectful, but like every other church. I grew up Catholic, but I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Mormons. Headquarters are in Salt Lake, in our separate country. Find another church that has a separate country as your headquarters. Tear your wall down and just incorporate Vatican City into Italy. Why do you have a wall up? Why are you calling yourself a separate country? It’s ridiculous. Tear the wall down. Then, maybe, we can talk about the importance of having walls and borders.

I think the Pope need to turn the other cheek. Doesn’t the Vatican have walls? Humongous walls, probably taller than what they’re going to build on the Mexican border. So, if he’s willing to take his walls down, maybe Donald Trump will reconsider not building on the Mexican border. All I got to say.

Skating rink

CW has financial problems and appropriately looking for ways to increase visitation. The skating rink was a good idea but not successful as implemented. DoG Street was the wrong location; it really looked like a kludge. The rink was also far too small, far too crowded, far too many novice skaters, and at times the ice looked like a frozen plowed field. Recognizing these rinks are much larger, CW should still consult Rockefeller Center and the National Gallery on how to install and run a rink. And calling it “Liberty’s Rink” after George Washington’s pet dog was corny. It should have been The CW Rink. Better branding.

Angels among us

I met a couple of angels on Dec. 29. They were at Food Lion Ewell Station. I think they live close by. She just looked like a mom, and I was trying to buy food for a boy I knew didn’t have food. I asked her what I could get for the boy on my little budget. She and her husband ended up paying for the food they figured he needed. Wow! There are great people left and their good deed will be played forward. Thank you for helping me help the hungry in our town!

Thank you

I wanted to take a minute to write a note of thanks that is a million pages long [to] all the staff at the Riverside Doctors Hospital, off Route 60 in Williamsburg. I had to go there three times in a week to find out what was wrong with my belly area. They were all so nice, calming and made me feel at ease. When Brian gave me a test, I fell asleep—he was so calming. Jessica, who took my blood, was so funny I didn’t realize when she was done. I don’t know all their names, but everyone there is wonderful. I thank them all for helping me through my journey of a bad gallbladder. Thank you so much.

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