Last Word on low-hanging fruit, Feb. 4

Reader's experience says roundabouts keep people moving all over the country.


To the caller whose comments were about the New York Times and their comments on President Obama's State of the Union address. Given that there have been 15 foreign related deaths in the USA in the last 14 years and almost 425,000 deaths from gun violence, you have a far greater chance of being killed by your wife, her boyfriend, a neighbor, your son or daughter, or a police officer while fleeing a crime scene than by someone who action is based on misguided religious beliefs. Encourage your congressman, senator, and state representatives to close the loopholes in the existing gun laws and to enforce the rest with vigor. Domestic gun deaths are the low hanging fruit and can be more easily addressed rather than worry about a crazy who strikes less than once a year.

Clinton’s email

The latest report by the Intelligence Inspector General that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private server contained “several dozen” emails with intelligence about our government's most important secrets. Mrs. Clinton has put U.S. secrets at risk for the selfish political purpose of hiding her correspondence from public view. She should be held accountable by being indicted by the FBI's recommendation to the Attorney General as soon as possible.

Problems with HOA

Just paid my January 2016 HOA dues to Kingsmill Community Association. Fee increased 3.3% the over 2.2% increase for 2015. KCSA has not had an election for over two years due to a self-imposed extension by incumbent board members in office who have instituted a lawsuit against several members evidently because they had the unmitigated gall to speak out in opposition to one or more KCSA Board activities and request information on actions of the board to which they are entitled by law. All activities of the Board are required by law to be transparent. I can only assume that these additional charges are needed for the “lawyer’s relief fund” which the membership has had no say in “building.”

CW cutbacks

What in the world was Colonial Williamsburg thinking when they let Lance go? He is one of the most familiar ambassadors for CW and has dedicated his life to the Fife and Drum Corp. I’ll look forward to hearing your explanation, but I truly think you went too far this time.

Regarding CW’s decision to “judiciously prune” positions in order to “increase flowering” of its educational programs — I’d hate to be that little branch that got pruned off.

Free to you

Free moving boxes. Call 757-259-0523.

Looking for ...

Looking for Becky, a stylist who used to be at Fantastic Sam's. Thank you!


To the writer who just traveled to New England and discovered they have roundabouts: I suggest you do even more traveling. Much of the world uses roundabouts very well. It’s not just a “northerner” thing. As a “westerner” happy to be living in the Colonial Capital of all the United States, I have seen the way roundabouts keep traffic moving without needless stops, wherever they are. Contrary to your comments, in my experience people in the southern U.S. are quite intelligent enough to handle them as well.

Superintendent's contract 

Based on what I have read and heard around the community, I understand that many are not happy with the performance of WJCC School Superintendent Dr. Steven Constantino.  How then, was he able to void the remaining two years on his existing contract and receive a new four-year contract all before the new school members took their places on the board?  It appears to be unethical.


As was mentioned by a previous writer, we, too, have used Dr. Britt Cohen at Godspeed Animal hospital for many years.  His skill and caring manner has been much appreciated by us and our rescued cats as well as our rescued retired racing greyhound.  When Dr. Cohen moved for a period of time to Great Bridge, we followed him there until he returned to the Williamsburg area.  A finer man and veterinarian you will not be able to find.

I want let pet owners know, If you want to board your pet in the best place in Williamsburg area, go to Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital.  Wow, they are more than competent, friendly, accommodating, and caring.  The facility is beyond clean, and they have wonderful pet runs. We have been to other facilities in the area, but this one has it hands down for being the best.  They are the kind of place you truly want to take care of your pet.  Your pet will love it as much as you do.

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