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Last Word on finding gluten-free doughnuts, May 17

Today, we're looking for a nail salon, hair salon and gluten-free donuts.


Looking for...

I am looking for a nail salon that has English-speaking nail techs.  I have tried Atir but am looking to see if there are, by chance, other options.

To the person looking for Whitley:  She’s moved to Ironbound Road. Her phone number is 509-1803. Her hair studio is called Whitley’s Hair Studio. Thank you.

My husband wants to sell his baseball card collection.  Does anyone locally buy the cards?

It would be terrific if there was a bakery in Williamsburg that offered gluten-free baked goods, including doughnuts.  Please leave information on a location if there is one.


Over 33,000 Americans die annually from gun violence, yet the Republicans that control Congress do nothing. However, in the next week they’re going to send 11 bills to Barack Obama about prescription opiates.  

It goes both ways

Why is it that when minorities don’t agree on what you’re saying, you’re labeled a bigot and/or racist?  Did you ever hear the saying, “It takes one to know one?”  Being a racist or bigot works both ways.

Why not Virginia?

It was wonderful to read in the Gazette that the National Science Foundation is giving a William and Mary assistant professor a grant to support improved education for middle school children, hopefully, to get them more interested in science. That’s a wonderful idea, but unfortunately, when I read the article, I find out that the William and Mary professor is doing this program in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our state school supported a program like this in Williamsburg, or perhaps James City County or York County?  Why Maryland?

Stranger dangers

I read in the neighborhood where these folks were secretly having the bed and breakfast, and last year we noticed a man walking in our community late at night. The next morning our coats were missing from our car. We don’t know if they were stolen by this person. There are lots of unintended consequences by allowing a residential home to turn into a hotel. Let’s hope the commission members are wise in their decision.

Presidential politics

In reading a recent Last Word, someone wrote in for people not to support Donald Trump. Well, I support him. I think we need someone from the outside in, we need to have someone who isn’t beholden to certain lobbyists, to certain senators, to a certain Congress. He tells it like it is, and I don’t think that he’s a racist or a bigot. I think he’s speaking for the nation as a whole.

Supporters of President Obama claim he was not responsible when we were paying almost $4 a gallon for gasoline several years ago. They do not get to claim he is responsible for lower gas prices when they are under $2. We are constantly told the President has little to do with the price of oil. Of course, I’m one of those few who still think the Keystone Pipeline was a great idea to assure less dependence on foreign oil in our future, something that he vehemently vetoed. You can’t have it all ways. Sorry.

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