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Last Word help on Colonial Parkway, Oct. 13

Rezoning at Riverview Plantation leaves some residents unhappy with outcomes.

Deer on roadside

This evening when my wife and I were driving home on the Colonial Parkway, we passed a deer on the side of the road that appeared to have been hit by a car or was in some sort of distress.  When we got home, I called the police and they seemed concerned and transferred me to the National Park Service.  When the National Park Service person came on the line she did not seem interested at all and didn't care to know where the deer was and just said they would look into it, good night.  Obviously the National Park Service does not care about an injured deer on the side of the road on the Colonial Parkway, so I want to know whom I am supposed to call.  Because it is not just a humanity issue, but also a public safety issue, I figured if anyone would care about this it would be the National Park Service, but obviously I was wrong.

Need to know?

Jeers to the local constabulary for cancelingR the Shredd-a-Thon and not telling anyone.

Just asking

Is there a hash tag for furniture shopping?

Zoning issues

I am writing in regard to recent Virginia Gazette coverage of the JCC Planning Commission's 4-3 vote to approve a single property owner's request for rezoning from R-1 to A-1. I feel compelled to comment that priority was given to the petitioner by placing their comments at the top of the article. Additionally, the reporter couched the petitioner's motivation in terms of a parent's desire to please a daughter. This was followed by a quoted statement from a daughter that the entire neighborhood would look "more upscale" (due to the rezoning and addition of horses). These details were presented to readers prior to one word about the real concerns expressed by long-time residents of the community. Some of our residents have owned horses in the past when they lived on land zoned for such purpose. Residents of Riverview Plantation moved here because it is zoned R-1, limited residential. At the very end of the article, the reporter noted that the petitioner's horses are currently stabled nearby. This fact alone puts into question the "need" to change an entire neighborhood in order to have one's horses just off the kitchen porch, so to speak.

Cat problems

Thank you to the recent Last Word contributor who pointed out that cats kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds annually. (Now there's a precise measurement!) Reading the letter caused me to remind our cat that she had not filed her Federal Bird Kill Tally (IRS Form 22.345.AN) for 2015 and that she better get on it because she is quite conservative and we all have seen how the IRS handles conservatives. Furthermore, if these reports aren't filed, people with agendas will start either making up statistics or repeating flawed studies reported in USA Today.

Presidential politics

As for foundations, the Clinton Foundation has been scrutinized by every right wing group in the country and they have come up empty for any real hard facts backing claims of crookedness.  The terms “It seems,”  “the appearance of,”  and “this or that might have happened” are not valid proof for anybody but the Clinton-hating faithful. The individual should look to the Trump Foundation for actual dishonesty and illegal activity.  Check out using foundation money, none of which is Trump’s, to buy self portraits,  pay non-foundation  legal bills, pay for his kid’s very private prep school bill and illegally soliciting money for the foundation.  Trump University is in a class by itself.  Have a nice day.

Tim Kaine’s rationale for supporting abortion rights while still being a practicing Catholic does not hold water. He uses the logic that while he  personally opposes abortion, Row v. Wade is the law of the land and he will uphold it. What is truly puzzling is if you personally—and  religiously—oppose abortion, why not work to overturn it? Given his logic train, we would still have slavery in this country because of the 1857 Dred Scott decision by the Supreme Court of the United States which ruled that slavery was legal. Can you imagine a United States today with Dred Scott still in force? That decision was eventually overturned because politicians (and citizens) worked to right a grave injustice. What makes Tim Kaine’s position even all the more egregious is that he claims to be a practicing Catholic—a religion that is firmly opposed to abortion.

Even worse than Trump's attitude that he can do anything he wants to with women's bodies, is the long-standing position of the entire Republican Party about controlling women's bodies. And this goes also for the people lining up on Richmond Road last week to protest the legality of women's rights to own our bodies and make the most private and far-reaching decisions about whether to continue or terminate a pregnancy. A lot of politicians are making slogans about "freedom," but one of the most basic is the freedom from having a government dictate personal decisions about one's own body and family life. Nobody is going to force those people lining Richmond Road to have an abortion, yet they seek to use government and harassment to prevent others from making a difficult different decision.

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