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The Last Word on honor rolls, Nov. 3

With so many kids on the honor roll, could it be the standards have changed?


Power lines

As I see it now Dominion Power needs approval from James City County’s Board of Supervisors as yet another hurdle they must face to give us reliable power. That being said, our BOS was elected to represent all of James City County and not some selfish individuals and outside organizations that care only about their personal causes. The BOS should vote on behalf of all of the rate-payers in the county who will be adversely affected by a rejection of Dominion’s request. To see how much more it will cost all of us, just look at our water/sewer rates that have just gone into effect. We gave Newport News Water Works our water sources and now we must pay higher rates to get it back.

Honor rolls

I don’t know whether it’s comedic or deplorable but the “honor rolls” here smack of the same kind of political correctness which doesn’t allow for failing grades in schools and “everybody plays” in sports. Honor rolls used to be the top 5-10% of any given class. Who knew we have Mensa-quality students as plentiful as dogwood trees right here in our little community. Rejection and failure are systematically being bred out of children’s lives. “Good job” accolades are handed out when “sorry” needs to be instilled when less-than-stellar actions are measured. Ask any truly successful person what motivated them the most and, without exception, it was the failures in their lives. Edison said it best when he said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”


Let me second the person who called in who greatly missed the theatre reviews in the Gazette. Whatever happened to James Schultz, who used to do theatre reviews for the paper years ago? His review of Pericles was hilarious and will always remain a great classic, and what’s more it was completely accurate.

Thank you

To whomever found my Redbox movie and returned it, thank you very much. I do appreciate it!

Playing time

Congratulations to the undefeated football team here in Williamsburg. However, winning isn’t everything especially at the cost of dedicated players who have played for two years and never missed a practice, forfeited their summer and family vacations just to be part of the team or should I say sidelines. , How sad when this winning team as players begging family not to go to the games because they’re ashamed they never play as if they weren’t good enough. Kids would rather be on a losing team but play together, stick together, encourage one another that’s a win for a lifetime. Let others play its a game. Enjoy

Help needed

In reference to “Help needed,” someone needs a water line for a refrigerator. My name’s Bill. 757-561-4058. Would be able to help them. Need to look at it first to give them a price.

Art supplies

Would any art teacher or classroom teacher or anyone else like to have a stack of egg cartons or cylindrical oatmeal boxes with the lids to use for projects or storage or whatever?  I have plenty to give away.  My phone number is 757-345-0775. Thank you.

Barking dog 

To the man sitting in front of Barnes & Noble on Saturday morning on the Duke of Gloucester Street, with the barking, barking, barking dog:  Consider putting a muzzle on your dog so other people can either visit, stroll by and enjoy a nice Saturday morning without this barking, barking and barking. Please! Give us a break.


Free:  20 foot by 10 foot complete greenhouse to anyone who can dismantle and haul away. Call 757-565-4855. Thank you.


I just read this article about people carrying guns so that they can eliminate the slaughter of human beings. I’d like to propose that they reconsider this. The police arrive at a scene where no one’s gun shots going on. They see someone with a gun. They’re going to fire their weapons to put that person down. Don’t be foolish.

The President of United States can control how many soldiers are being killed overseas by bringing them home. He cannot control how many American citizens are being killed in this country because the NRA has Congress running scared.

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