Last Word on a long-distance call, Nov. 5

School district should hold off on buying school buses until its sure they're needed.

Swing set

Free:  Wooden swing set with slide, rock climbing w all and fort. You pick up. Please call 258-8908.

Long-distance call 

Suddenly, in trying to make a long distance call to Richmond (yeah, long distance), I’m told by the recorded voice that Sprint no longer carries long distance phone calls. What the h… kind of country is this?  What’s next, hand-cranked phones?

School buses

Local government officers should forget the purchase of school buses until they are really needed. They look like they’re doing pretty good to me for a few more years. They should be supervised by someone in charge since they run like two or three, one following another, in a row, almost completely empty — great big, long buses. Back in the day when my children were in school, buses used to have their own parking area in a garage or somewhere, with drivers driving to the lot to pick up their own bus and go back in the same to pick up their car. They are just running wastefully and expensively. So that could be eliminated from the big tax increase that they want.


Hornsby, congratulations to the coach and the girls’ field hockey team, winning the Bay River Championship, 2015!  Way to go, Hawks!

Clothing to give

Is there a women’s shelter that accepts clothing?  My sister-in-law died and we’re trying to dispose of some pretty good clothing. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to leave a number or anything, but I’d just like to know if there’s any place that we could donate this clothing. I know there are things like Salvation Army and such, but there might be some women’s shelter that could use it. Thank you.

Scam alert 

It finally happened to me. I received a call (voice message) today from Pullman, Washington, (509) 872-5227, informing me that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and I needed to call this number right away. Obviously, I would not and will not call back because, as we all know, the IRS does not do business this way. The Last Word has heightened my awareness regarding various telephone scams out there. Thanks.

Stryker Building 

Regarding Last Word Stryker comments:  We agree that the building design does not agree with the Historical Area.  Somehow the Williamsburg Planning Commission recommended approval and the City Council approved the $4.6 million project. That is why the voters need to vote out the members who were in favor of this project. Just like their needless spending of those bicycle designs.

I love the new contemporary design for the Stryker Building!  It’s open and soaring, and the interior will undoubtedly be bright and airy, allowing for plenty of natural light.  It’s been a pleasure watching it come up from the ground.  I don’t understand these very negative comments, but perhaps it’s because we just don’t have much contemporary architecture in our area due to the heavy colonial influence.  I’m a believer in design and construction reflecting the current era, and this beautiful building does just that.  It’s 2015, folks, not 1715.

Happy anniversary

Congratulations to the Williamsburg Botanical Gardens at Freedom Park in celebrating their 10th anniversary.  This non-profit organization devotes itself to providing the Williamsburg area with an outstanding display of local annual/perennial plants and shrubs. If you want to relax and enjoy beautiful surroundings, check out and our year round educational and recreational programs. Donations are always welcome.

Step lightly

Given that Jeb Bush’s brother didn’t show up for about half of his duty with the National Guard, he should be careful about how he criticizes Marco Rubio for not doing his job in the Senate.


To the individuals that wrote about guns in the Last Word:  I would like to let you know I appreciate you letting us know that our Second Amendment rights cease at your property line. That’s good to know, because when the bad guy comes, don’t come to my property because you ceased to belong on my property, at the property line.  And to the individual that said, “ISIS rides around with black swags, wavin’ American guns,”  it’s an AK 47—that’s Italian.  Do your homework! See where it came from.

Someone actually compared a law-abiding gun owner to ISIS? Looks like it's time to clean out the gene pool again.

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