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Last Word on some early nesting, April 7

Readers are happy and grateful for the floral display by Christ Community Church.


Early nesting 

Does anyone know why Cedar Waxwings would already be nesting? They built a nest in a pot on my patio. According to the information I have, they don't usually nest until much later in the spring or summer. I can only assume it has something to do with the unusually warm temperatures in James City County.

Skywriting of a sort?

I am calling with regards to the chem trails which I mentioned yesterday. Today is Thursday, March 31, and it is overcast and you continually see these airplanes putting a chem trail or something into the clouds. And I do believe it has something to do with weather and I would appreciate that the Gazette check into it—find out why these planes do it. And I have been up and down the East Coast the last couple of months and I notice that it goes on up and down the East Coast as well. Thank you.

Timeshare scheme

This is reference to the attorney accused in the 1.3 million dollar timeshare scheme. I find it interesting that the defendant’s attorney is running for the mayor of Norfolk. I feel for the people of Norfolk. Vote wisely.

Grammar police

Open your eyes!  Of course Obamacare should be blamed for misspelled signs in New Town.  Obamacare means health security for millions of Americans.  Security breeds laziness.  Lazy people don’t worry about proper spelling, or wearing proper clothes, or eating a proper breakfast filled with whole grains and protein before going to work.  Wake up, sheepie!


We already had one feeding last week at our home in the Croaker area.

Beautiful work

My sister and I come from Gloucester to go for a ride, and we always come down Route 60, just to see that beautiful cross made of flowers that’s always there. We are so excited—we come about four times a year. Thank you to the people who are doing it. It was so nice to see the flowers on Easter Sunday when we visited your church.  Cold and rainy, but warm inside. Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers on all occasions.  One lucky pastor. 

Thank you to the lady and the gentleman who I see so often out putting up the flowers at CCC. I have seen you at 8 in the morning, even 10 at night with your headlights on. What a dedication of work and love to our community for your church! What a beauty!  Thank you so much for making the community such a good place.

It’s that time again, to say thank you to Christ Community Church for the beauty it gives our community each holiday season, even winter. This winter, for this year, was a nice cross.  Thank you for the hard working and faithful ones that we see out there all the time on the hill. A few of us would like to give you a big thank you for the community.

Thanks for the troubleshooting

Many thanks to Taproot for offering spot on, over the phone, troubleshooting for a gas fireplace issue. Our unit was shutting off after a few minutes of operation, leaving our home cold during the winter season.  Taproot has serviced our fireplace in the past and was able to pull up our product information and give us an inexpensive and immediate option to resolve the problem on our own. While a service call would have been warranted, this local business placed our needs and comfort above making a profit. Great customer service, Taproot! 

Favored party

Well, it’s evident that the narcissistic virus has filtered down from Washington, D.C. to some Williamsburg Democrats. Like President Obama, they’ve responded to the favored article:  place blame on Republicans or that it was George Bush’s fault. Do you people take blame for anything?  When your car won’t start, do you blame your neighbor?  The national debt has tripled over Obama and is headed to exceed 20 trillion dollars before he leaves office.

Presidential politics

The two Democratic candidates and one Republican one has stated we shouldn’t police Muslim communities because we want them on our side. Furthermore, they say that the “good” Muslims will turn on their own in the name of doing what’s right. Well, can anyone provide any proof that this was ever done, even once? The issue is that terrorists attend mosques. This is not bigotry, this is pure fact.  As a Christian, if I suspected that if we had a terrorist attending our church, I would turn that person into the authorities. If Muslims feel that they are being treated unjustly, then they must denounce terrorism by actually doing something about it. Another way to put it is, “if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.”

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