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Last Word on a chance encounter, April 13

Commenter bumped into Rep. Wittman at a local store and important conversation ensued.

Pleasant chance encounter

Several years ago, I saw a man in a local home improvement store who looked familiar, so I approached him and asked, "Do I know you?"  He smiled and introduced himself as Rob Wittman. Although he was clearly shopping for items he needed for his own home, he stopped and we discussed what was on my mind at the time. A few days later a member of his staff called my house to follow up on our conversation. Since then I've corresponded with him regularly on his website and always receive direct answers to my comments or concerns when I ask for them. Unfortunately, Rob no longer represents me in Congress, but I'm baffled as to why people say that he avoids them. I still receive his newsletter that comes out at least weekly. Have the people who complain ever tried contacting him on his website? I think they'd be pleasantly surprised.

Looking for ...

For the person looking for someone to sell items:  I recommend Dan at Williamsburg Appraisers, 757-512-5225.  He has sold some art and glass for us and coins and other valuables for others at auctions and eBay. He is honest and reliable.

Does anyone know where Dr. Hartley, DDS, is now practicing? He was formerly with Morrison & Murphy.

Old record albumns

Has anyone had success in selling old vinyl record albums?  Please let me know of your experience.  I haven't played any of them but they look OK. Reply to Last Word. Thanks.

Border wall

If we build an intangible wall across the southern U.S. border and have Mexico pay for it, who has access and control of the Rio Grande?

Great idea

Big Ups to whoever came up with the idea of sending an email with the workman/woman’s picture to consumers.  My experience is with Bud’s HVAC. They are the best—prompt, professional, polite and prices are comparable.  Can’t ask for much more than that!

Tough precedent 

Once again it seems that if you can't win honestly, then you change the rules is the way the Republicans in the U.S. Senate are playing the game of governing.  Changing the rules to force the 45th president's choice for the Supreme Court down the throats of the American people will only mean that it will become harder to get anything done in Congress.

Road work

Now that the VDOT has decided to move ahead on the Longhill project, will they continue the VDOT tradition of built-in potholes on every manhole and utility cover like they did on Ironbound from the baseball park to Five Corners?

Slow down, please

As I walk my dog on the Duke of Gloucester each weekday around 10:00 a.m., I have noticed people (mainly women) driving much too fast to Bruton Parish — perhaps they are coming for committee meetings. CW needs to have security in that area. I fear that someone along with their dog will be hit.

Health insurance

As Speaker Ryan and the president go for Trump care 2.0, what they should do is go for something that’s a small bite and an easy lift that’s bipartisan. How about closing the Medicare doughnut hole and allowing Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate for drug prices? That’ll get all of the Democrats on your side and you won’t need the uber right of the Republican Party.

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