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Last Word on expanding Hornsby, March 31

Reader can't get answers about the flooding problems at his home.


Middle schools

Instead of a 4th middle school, why don’t we expand Hornsby? It was built for expansion in mind and has more land than any of the other middle schools.  Berkeley sits at a high traffic intersection and is already at capacity between the newly expanded (yet inadequate) cafeteria and never renovated auditorium. Why are we not hearing this option discussed?

Sincere condolences

To the lady from Barhamsville, who was in the General Dollar Store in West Point this past Wednesday, who told me she lost her 19-year-old son to suicide because of a girl, I want to apologize if I didn't sound apologetic.  I really am sorry for your loss!!  I thought it was a shame for someone to lose his life over a girl.    I'm sure you miss your son.  You have my condolences.

Happy retirement

After retiring in 2014, I have recently been able to help Schmidt's Flowers and Accessories deliver flowers.  The folks at Schmidt's have been so nice and it has been wonderful seeing all the smiling faces in the Williamsburg area when I presented them with beautiful arrangements.  It sure is a joy meeting so many wonderful people!

Flooding problems

Good luck to the people in Lake Toano Estates! I have been calling and writing to VDOT since 2010 about the many issues in Cypress Point and at my home on White Oak Drive.  Their answer is only to drop dirt and run. To the left of me, the ditch that leads to a culvert that has seven 60ft + trees growing in it and blocks water from draining creating a pond. To the right of me, the culvert is too low like yours. To the side of me, is the non-existent ditch that has not been excavated since the 1960's that makes a huge pond in my front yard and when it rains the yard floods past my well and over my driveway and I cannot get out. I have also written my FEMA flood insurance and when the flooding damages the house they are going to subrogate the damage over to the VDOT. We are inundated by mosquitoes and reptiles of every kind and if getting eaten alive does not matter to you the decibels from the frogs will drive you insane!

Terrorists in Belgium

I watched Belgian news again, and now the officials are coming out and telling the people all over Europe what we all knew.  They’re saying that they have files and files on terrorists that have come in from Syria, fleeing from Syria, acting as if they were plain old, everyday, garden variety, poor beleaguered people. They were coming out of Syria, all these men.  In London, England, they were criticizing Trump, saying, “He can’t ever come here” and threatening to shut down one of his golf courses, are now repeating exactly what Trump said, that there’s no proper vetting of these people coming in from Syria, that they have more work to do than they can keep up with on looking into terrorism.  

Grammar police

Had to laugh at this for a few reasons. First off, maybe the people who made the sign did that for a reason, to be clever and call attention to something -- unbelievable that it would offend someone so much. It's got nothing to do with “taking God out of the schools”! Non-standard spelling or punctuation happens no matter what you believe in. And, it also has absolutely nothing to do with Obamacare. Looks like the person who wrote this had to grumble about everything all at once.


To the person wanting references for a window replacement:  I used Window World for several of my windows, and I have been really pleased with the windows and with the service. When they come in and put the windows in, they do it and it’s so neat and so clean and so fast, it’s just incredible. So I would at least give them a call and meet with them. Good luck to you.

In response to the request by somebody who is getting ready to replace the windows in their home:  I replaced all the windows in my house using the Pella store in Newport News. They did an excellent job, the prices were excellent.  I could not have been more pleased. They’re in the shopping center adjacent to Costco, on that side of the street. Thank you.

Looking for ...

Does anybody have a king or queen bed to donate?  If you do, can you give me a call at 757-250-3865.  Thank you.

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