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Last Word on paying for health care, Nov. 29

If W&M students want to bring refugees here, they should be prepared to see the effort through.


Paying for health care

In this season of brotherly love, don't be so hard on people that are able to pay for affordable health care. Our income is poverty level but we pay a percentage of our small income to receive health care. If we had no health insurance and we got into a car accident and of course, end up in the emergency room, no  hospital would turn us away. The taxpayer would be paying for the hospital care. 

Refugee plans

W&M students' efforts to support refugee re-settlement in Williamsburg is noble.  If the students are genuinely concerned, they will insist that the refugees be housed along side them in their dorms.  Concerned students must also accept full responsibility for all refugee clothing, food, health care, and education.  And, when the W&M student sponsor graduates, he/she must agree to take at least two of the refugees with them to their hometown for re-settlement.   

Looking for …

Looking for a service company that cleans lint out of dryers. Please leave name and phone number. Thank you.

Traffic improvements

Thanks VDOT for making headway in James City County, starting with the upcoming light at News Road.  Let’s keep the momentum going though, and address a serious safety issue that’s been around for many years: the need for a traffic light at Lafayette High School on Longhill Road.  A flashing yellow for the entire day, with the exception of a span of time in the morning when school begins, and a span of time when school lets out, would be optimal.  This is a real concern for not only our student drivers, but parents, staff and admin.  Fatalities have occurred here.  Drivers turning left out of the school cannot see oncoming traffic due to the road curve (until the very last minute), and it leaves many of us saying “HOLD ON, WE’RE GOING FOR IT!” It is high time this safety issue be addressed.  LHS is the only high school in WJCC to not have a traffic signal at their entrance or within a short distance specifically to address safety concerns and alleviate backups at school start/dismissal times.  When considering a change anywhere on Longhill, please include a traffic light at Lafayette HS in your plan!  


Given the B-list melodrama that is centered in Trump Tower, the world 
press should turn the reporting over to their respective entertainment 
reporters as there is more entertainment value from it then real news.  
If a producer tried to pitch what is happening as a reality show, it 
would be turned down as an impossible idea. If made into a movie, the 
transition would be best served by casting Groucho Marx as Trump.

If you don’t pay attention to reliable news sources, you should probably go back under your rock because the news isn’t good. The President-elect is showing his hand by the appointments he is making.  It looks as if big business will be the winner and the people will lose “bigly”.  Privatization of public schools, the Veterans Administration and Medicare is in the works. When he said he would be the only person to make money while serving as president, he wasn’t kidding.  He has already approached heads of state about not putting a wind farm near his golf course in Scotland and fast tracked building permits in another country. The CEO of the oil company which wants to build an oil pipeline across an Indian reservation said it’s a done deal once Trump is president.  After all, he gave generously to the Trump campaign and Trump himself owns stock in the company. I dislike having company names on bowl games, arenas and stadiums. “Trump’s United States of America” makes me sick.

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