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Last Word on presidential politics, Sept. 20

Teacher pay

Yes, by all means, please keep teacher pay in perspective. Teachers only get paid for the 10 months worked during the school year, roughly 203 days. They are essentially laid off for two months and only through the understanding of WJCC do teachers get their pay spread out over 12 months instead of 10. Teachers work longer than a regular 8 hour day with required meetings before or after school plus all the planning, grading and prep work for their students and usually work at least several hours every weekend as well as holidays. If teachers were paid for the overtime worked, they would bankrupt the district. Teachers love their students and are willing to put in overtime—ask anyone who is married to a teacher. Teachers are not asking for an unreasonable pay raise—just to recover the thousands of dollars lost on the reconfigured salary scale the last five or six years. Giving a $41k bonus to the recently departed superintendent last year was a slap in the face to every employee in WJCC. This is why morale is low and teachers are very angry.

Presidential politics

Obama is already beginning to achieve the objectives of his open borders policy. A Federal Appeals court has blocked Kansas, Georgia and Alabama from requiring residents to prove that they are US citizens when registering to vote.

After just watching the movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” I’m ashamed that Obama is our President and Hillary was our Secretary of State. What is even worse is that Hillary might be our next President and Commander in Chief.

Was Donald Trump born in the former Soviet Union, now known as the Russian Federation? Is this the reason he and Putin get along so well? Come on, Donald Trump. Show us your birth certificate.

In order to keep Russia from throwing the American election his year, all American voters should demand hand-counted paper ballots from their local authorities.

It is interesting that the reader who thinks that, by defending the constitutionally protected rights of an African-American citizen, President Obama has “damaged race relations.” I suppose he or she would feel the same way about the ratifiers of the Fifteenth Amendment.

Question: Why would the Clinton campaign or advisers and people not want a report on Hillary’s health? Isn’t our president’s health important to us? The campaign people did not report her previous illness until she actually had an episode. Why not?

Why President Obama had the audacity or the nerve to move the moment of silence from 9:37 up five minutes at the Pentagon because he had more important things to do—is he the most self-centered person that we ever known as a president? I certainly think so.

Group home

Years ago, in another city, I was the "go to" person for people having problems with government. In that role, I received dozens of frantic calls from residents surrounding an "instant home" for mentally ill patients and their many and revolving care takers—live in and not. The house quickly was a flurry of constant traffic, sirens, and general confusion in what had been a peaceful neighborhood. The residents who put their life into their homes and neighbors never got their peace back, they never regained the neighborhood they had chosen and invested their lives in. It was horrible! Most people don't have the freedom to sell and move when living conditions in a neighborhood become unbearable! Don't let that "taking" happen to the Woodmere neighborhood! A business with tenants, full-time live in staff and constant in and out of other employees and service people is totally wrong to force into a residential neighborhood anywhere! Shame on the thoughtless, callous people that would attempt such a thing! And neighbors, don't let it happen! The City Council and city staff should support you 100% in your effort to protect your neighborhood from any commercial activity of any kind!

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