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Last Word on quiet nights, Sept. 22

Readers are happy to recommend a massage therapist and someone to trim the trees.

Quiet, please

I'm glad to know that "The board of supervisors... finds and declares that excessive noise is a serious hazard to the public health, welfare, peace and safety and the quality of life. It is, therefore, the policy of the county... to prevent such excessive noise."  Unfortunately, this past weekend my neighbor was making a racket.  Imagine our surprise to discover that the cacophony was coming from two miles away!  Jamestown Beach is a wonderful place to relax and watch the sunset.  It's not a great venue for blaring music, blues or otherwise.  Be a good neighbor, JCC.

Group home

I had been considering Middleburg to handle my trust.  Do you think Middleburg would make anyone suspicious, the way that the group home has been handled? These positions should be filled with competent and knowledgeable people. This has been unprofessional and the kerfuffle would make anyone suspicious.


To the 70-year old woman with sensitivities to scents seeking massage therapist recommendations:  I highly recommend Jana Laird of DCI Therapy, in McLaws Circle.  Her office is clean, scent-free, relaxing and simply decorated.  Jana is not only an experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist who tunes in very quickly to her clients' needs, and who offers a variety of medical and relaxation modalities of massage, but she is also president of the American Massage Therapy Association's chapter in Virginia and actively involved in educating other massage therapists and working to provide a safe and effective environment for citizens  receiving massage services across the Commonwealth.   Jana can be reached at 757- 846-5707 and/or at jroselynn@dcitherapyinc.com, and she generally responds within 24 hours.

I recently experienced outstanding customer service at Lowe's in Williamsburg.  A young man named Ashton in the Outdoor Equipment Department went out of his way to assist me with ordering parts for my several year old weed whacker.   The process required several phone calls to the manufacturer to check on status of the shipment which was back ordered.  When the parts finally arrived and didn't work, he went to his supervisor and was able to exchange my old weed whacker for a new one, at no cost to me. Kathy has also been very helpful in the past. Lowe's should be very proud of these two employees.

I recently contracted with Arborista Tree Care to remove several trees and remove branches over power lines and vehicle parking spaces. Some of this work was extremely delicate. Christie Cramer, the owner, gave me a reasonable estimate and began work within two days. Her crew was professional, efficient, safety conscious and cleaned up the area completely. I was really impressed and feel the least I can do is to commend their work to others in need of tree service. They will certainly be at the top of my list for future tree service. Arborista Tree Care can be reached at 757- 345-8688.

Cat problems

Yes, on the cat problem. I live in a town house community, and my next-door neighbors, who are renters, had two cats at the house. Those cats had six babies, making eight cats in all. The neighbors are allowing them to go in the woods and they are becoming stray animals. She’s feeding them outside and they don’t go in the house. They come in the yard and pee all over my door and yard. When the tenants move, they will probably leave the cats. I don’t think it’s fair. I’ve called Animal Control. Anyone who has an idea as to what I can do, please send it to the Last Word. Thank you.

In regard to the recent comments on roaming cats:  The cats are not to blame. The owners are to blame. Any animal or pet that’s unattended is simply doing what animals do, which is roaming,  going to the bathroom. In the saddest cases, they’re also looking for food or water. If these animals had owners, then shame on them for caring so little so as to allow their cats to become vulnerable to cars, other animals or even humans. As a person in last Saturday’s Last Word implied, other, larger animals may kill cats. Cruelty to animals is a crime and condoning or finding humor in cruelty to animals is heartbreaking.   If you know someone who allows  their cats to roam free, please attempt to educate them on the risk they’re putting their pets at by allowing them to be outside without supervision. Thank you.

Prepare for backlash 

There is an old saying about first-term politicians coming home to campaign for reelection near the end of their first term. We sent you up there as one of us and you came back one of them. After your votes on property tax increases and staggered election terms, I think it is now safe to say to Mike Hipple that you have become one of them. Some of your recent positions run smack in the face of the values of the overwhelming majority that elected you. With any luck you will feel the backlash in 2017.

Thanks for the help

It’s been a most rewarding Beautification Day, September 16, in Carvers Garden. The York County volunteers and United Way did a remarkable job cleaning up our area. Thanks to the three beautiful ladies for painting my front steps and the gentleman who picked up a cut tree and put it in his truck. Thanks also to the two nice ladies who cleaned my gutter. A special thanks to Mr. Brian for giving me an interview on my stay here. It’s been such a rewarding and fun day! Thank you.

Presidential politics

To the person who said Trump is correct that our military flag officer corps has been “reduced to rubble” by Obama: How would Trump even know? His only experience was at a military school when he was in his teens. And no one else in his family has even served. Like your carefully written words, Trump had no specifics to back it up. Please give us some examples of people wrongly forced out. And, don’t you think the man who likes to say “you’re fired!” might do some firing himself? Then he might get rid of some good officers and instead find some others who would “just follow orders” and show the world we can torture our enemies just like Hitler’s and Tojo’s war criminals did. And then we would have rubble indeed.

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