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Last Word on softening the Stryker Building, Aug. 22

Containers planted with dwarf trees and such would make Stryker Building more approachable.

Looking for ...

This is Judith Roberts of Burbank Street, Williamsburg. I’m looking for some end tables and coffee tables. If you come across some, just give me a call at 757-645-3788. Thank you.

Stryker Building

Watching the progress and comments on the newly constructed building, I wanted to offer a possible solution to improve the visual appearance of said building.  Sometimes an improvement to what seems impossible is really easy to achieve.  That improvement would be landscaping !  Yes, you got it right.   Landscaping in the form of over-sized, simple and traditional containers to hold dwarf trees, shrubs and low maintenance live plants would be a great addition.  Designed by a professional architect, this would certainly soften the stark, cold appearance we see when passing by.  And, the timing is perfect, as cooler days should be on the way soon to aid in planting. Once planted, the additional minimal maintenance for watering, etc., would clearly offset the attractive and warm improvement.  Sometime there really is a "silver lining" to a given situation.  Good luck !

Health insurance

To the person who responded in the Aug. 17 Last Word about not having to subsidize someone's health insurance and stating the young man wasn't smart enough to purchase health insurance earlier, how "me" of you.  You know absolutely nothing about the young man--his financial status, his medical problem or his intelligence.  If the time were ever to come when you would fall on hard times, I hope you are "smart enough" not to ask for help.

World War II insight

We saw the film “Anthropoid” and were so unaware of the whole Czechoslovakia situation during the Second World War — the tragic events in other countries were subjects of countless books and films. We hope our resident Super-Historian, Explainer of all history/politics/ geography Frank Shatz will tell us the Czech part of WW II. The movie is a must see and deserved more attention and advertising!

Rules of the road

I am in total agreement with Rules of the Road comments.  Today the rudest driver laid on his car horn as I stopped, allowing the pedestrian – who had the right of way and walk signal – [to cross] at the corner of 199 and Jamestown Road.  What is the big hurry at 6:45 a.m. that the law made you act that way!  Slow down, people!  Furthermore, the speed limit signs are just that – not a suggestion!  Additionally, the majority of drivers on I-64 East & West bound in Newport News and Williamsburg driving through the work zones are out of control.  Drivers are showing no respect for the workers or the posted 55 work speed zone and [there is] no police presence to enforce. I travel this every day and it is craziness!  If our children continue to see how adults drive and behave, get ready in the next generation for extreme road rage!  Virginia drivers shame, shame, shame – set a better example than rudeness, breaking of the laws and stupidity!  Good drivers unite!

Presidential politics

Yes, Congress voted for the Iraq War and President Bush started it based on all intelligence information at that time. The war in Afghanistan, the economy/bank crises also happened. For this President Bush was harshly criticized up to this day. All that happened during President Obama’s administration is his responsibility and so is the rise of ISIS by pulling back out of Iraq.

I find it interesting that Republicans criticize and disavow Trump for what he has said, but is there any prominent Democrat that has disavowed Clinton for what she has done? Surely, some Democrat must think being “extremely careless” with national security is a problem or, as the FBI director said, not being sophisticated enough to know she was jeopardizing security is a disqualifier. Where is the integrity of the Democratic Party?

In 1960 Richard Nixon garnered 33% of the African American vote. Trump is polling at 1% because he was fined for refusing to rent to people of color in the early 70’s and his nonstop delegitimization of the first African American president with his birther garbage. African Americans don't need their eyes to know a racist. They use their ears.

I have just learned today about a former First Lady that was Secretary of State here in America. She had already been quizzed by the FBI, did many things that she shouldn’t have done while she was Secretary of State for the American people. Now, the President and the Vice President that we have in office are both campaigning for her. I wish the American people would wake up before it’s too late. If she couldn’t be Secretary of State and stay honest while she was there, why would we want her running the whole country for us?  Thank you.

Second amendment

This is to the person who disputed Trump's comments that Clinton would abolish the Second Amendment. You should understand that Trump was not referring to Clinton moving to repeal the Second Amendment by a thirty-three states vote to ratify a repeal. Only once In the history of our country has a constitutional amendment been used with the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment of 1919 (prohibition) being repealed in 1933 by the Twenty First Amendment. Trump was referring to Clinton nominating liberal judges to the U.S. Supreme Court who would then constitute a majority on the Court and thereby vastly weaken the Second Amendment via their court decisions to the point that it would no longer uphold the rights of individual citizens to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by our founding fathers. You also commented that the so-called "Universal Background Checks" as being "...supported by a majority of NRA members." That clearly is not true. If you take the time to look at the surveys done by the NRA on this subject you will see that the majority of the NRA members do not support universal background checks as proposed by the Democrats. The reasons several - universal background checks would not stop guns from getting into the hands of criminals while placing undue burdens and costs on law- abiding citizens; and further universal background checks lay the groundwork for establishing a national firearms registry. That is the end goal of what the left wants as a means to incrementally outlaw various types of firearms and then confiscate them from the law abiding citizens knowing exactly where they are located from the national registry. The criminals would still have firearms because they would certainly not register them in the first place and they definitely would not turn them in. Criminals obtain firearms predominantly from illegal sources. The proposed laws will not keep guns from criminals just like laws do not keep illegal drugs from abusers.

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