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Last Word on those who help, Dec. 2

City of Williamsburg has a great new municipal website, one commenter reports.


It's been so nice to see the young people at Walsingham Academy volunteering at Head Start and Grove Christian Outreach Center(as well as William and Mary students and many retired folks).  What a great example of sharing time and resources.

Great website

Wow. What a difference a new website makes.  Visually interesting, fast and easy navigation. Congratulation to the staff for a job more than well done. Same URL

Show of support

Just as we have seen in the recent national elections, women are being held responsible for their husbands' behavior. Hillary Clinton was tainted by William Clinton's philandering just as Sandra Young is being held responsible for her husband's alleged child porn obsession. Her family tried to confront his behavior and failed to deter him consuming child pornography. Now our local politicians want to punish her for HIS alleged failure. As a woman who endured many years of a husband's unacceptable behavior, I support Sandra Young because she is not the one who committed the the alleged offense. I refuse to blame a woman for offenses committed by her husband. Sandra Young has a hard road ahead in both her public and private life. My best wishes are with her as she works to heal her family. I have nothing but contempt for the politicians that want to ruin a rival for her husband's alleged transgressions.


I can’t understand just why liberal Democrats are so “freighted” of a Trump presidency. I believe you should be frighten of all the crime in our cities, especially Chicago, you should be freighted as to when we will have another terrorist attack in our country and If you’re a law enforcement officer you should be freighted that you will be attacked. Could it be that you just don’t understand the real meaning of “freighted.”


Those of you who haven't dined at the Istanbul Restaurant on Jamestown Road are missing a real treat.  Attentive and friendly service, excellent food, and reasonable prices.  My wife and I had lunch there the other day and we highly recommend you give them a try.  You won't be disappointed.

Great OCD housecleaner 814-8789 is the phone number of an excellent home cleaner.  Leave a message.   She'll  give you references too.  I love her!

It seems like it is always hard to find the small service business that doesn’t disappoint.  Dan’s Tree service does NOT disappoint.  His crew took down 3-100+ ft. trees in a small backyard, bordered with a high power line, professionally and safely.  They were very accommodating in cutting up some firewood we wanted to retain. The clean up was exceptional even to the point of blowing off the roof of the house.  I can heartily recommend them.  And he advertises in the Gazette!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Elliot Haynes of Priority Nissan of Williamsburg for outstanding customer service while handling my recent vehicle purchase. Mr. Haynes went above and beyond my expectations and has shown me there are still individuals who value a customers time and needs. He took the time to discover my needs, my financial concerns and fears of buying a new vehicle. His dealership offers numerous advantages over the competition between their guarantees, service and convenience. I shopped at several dealerships before a friend recommend going to see Mr. Haynes and from the first meeting I could see the difference between him and the others. His knowledge, listening skills, pleasant personality and ability to guide me through the process stress free was truly a breath of fresh air. Although I spent more than I expect to I now realize that extra was well spent getting me a vehicle that offers me more and  is much safer than some of the competing vehicle did. I will proudly recommend Mr. Haynes to any of my family or friends who are looking for a new or used vehicle. I am proud that he made me part of the Priority family!

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