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Last Word on 'rent a pet,' May 20

Drivers beware! Others are on the roads and they're not happy with how you behave.


More on ‘rent a pet’

I actually have heard of communities or pet shops, humane societies, actually giving people a trial at having a pet for a week or two to see if it’s a fit. Because sometimes once the pet is in a different environment, they act differently. But it’s actually not far fetched. There are places that actually are doing it. I don’t know if they do it in Virginia, but I’ve heard of it in other states. So, you know, it’s not as odd as it may seem. You have to know if the pet’s going to be right and, depending on the environment that they have been in, once they get home with you, they may not be right. So, anyway, just wanted to let you know.

Looking for …

Looking for a good sofa reupholster and good references. Please leave any information in the Last Word. Looking for someone to help reupholster a sofa. Thank you.

I have Catholic cross stitch work that is 95% complete. I am unable to finish the project, so I will pay someone to do that for me. If you are a qualified cross stitcher—kind of cross stitch person—you can call me a 564-8001.

Does anyone have the phone number or address of the organization that can do the washing of  large bedspreads, quilts and rugs etc.? Call 220-3645. Thank you.


Yes, I was calling to let everybody know that Mark Wilkerson has opened up his own shop. It is at 3356 Ironbound Road, Building 1, Suite D. His phone number is 757-345-9810. He was at European Concepts and now has his own shop and he is wonderful. Thank you.

Rules of the road

A note to the woman in the white Mercedes SUV on 199:  You’re supposed to move over or yield to an emergency vehicle showing lights and sirens.

The police need to patrol Lafayette Street more in the morning during rush hour because cars will be passing it in the 25 mile zone. And it’s not a good place to pass on Lafayette Street. Thanks.

Presidential politics

A question for our readers. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post, has 20 reporters seeking out dirt on Republican candidate Trump. Our FBI has 150 agents working on dirt of Hillary Clinton, Secretary Clinton, who is a presidential candidate. Are we in trouble or what?  I don’t know. Vote your conscience.

On the “Why is President Obama being blamed?”—Remember, you have President Obama to President Bush, you would have the same thing, which everyone seems to think, including President Obama. Ever since he’s been in office, that everything that was done previously and carried in to his administration was because of George W. Bush. All you gotta do is wake up.

Beautiful flowers

To the ladies who maintain the flowers and other beautiful landscape features in that ravine that may be called “Pollard Park” along Griffin Street in Williamsburg, my thanks for making the world a more beautiful place. I look at the flowers and the landscape every time I pass by.

Thank you

To Mr. Thumper Newman:  I would like to say thanks for your dedicated service to A Gift from Ben food program. It was a pleasure to have worked with you for a short time. I remember when you once told me you enjoyed working with the program. After 15 years of your time and helping to finance the food program, you deserve time out. Maybe someone else can be trusted to take over A Gift from Ben food program. The site should be in one area and each person should pick the food up as needed. It was a lot to do to go to more than one location in a week’s time.  Bless you, Mr. Newman. You will never be forgotten. Thank you.

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