Last Word on school security, June 16

School security

Regarding the article in today’s paper about the new designs for the James Blair Middle School: Could someone please address the issues of security that would be impacted with glass doors in terms of should there be an issue such as an intruder—some other form of disruption. Also, with a storm—could it be used as a storm shelter or if the students had to shelter in place for a storm, which happened just recently this year with the tornado issue? So, would somebody please speak to the issue of what kind of security the glass doors would have in terms of protecting our children. Thank you.

Early or late?

If you show up early, you can always make yourself late. But if you show up late, you can’t make yourself early. Have a blessed day.

Seasonal signs

Yes, the comment on taking down the spring sign: I’m not sure what the individual meant, but I’ve always thought that June 21st was the first day of summer, so it would be spring up until that date, would it not? So, you know, they’re not that far off. The reader is the one that’s far off. Thank you.

Student voters 

William and Mary students’ actions to control the city government to suit their needs is reminiscent of the British Crown’s efforts to rule the colonists in the 1700’s. On campus students (the Crown) rarely pay any city or Virginia state taxes. Yet they demand and receive fire protection, emergency medical services and civil services paid for by the citizens of Williamsburg (the colonists). However, when these “soldiers of the Crown” are asked to adhere to local values, norms and laws, they threaten to take over the City Council, then retreat to the safe confines of the Virginia state controlled campus of William and Mary, where the city of Williamsburg has no authority.

Bathroom debate

I would like to see this debate on transgender solved once and for all. Everybody who shows up should be examined medically, and if they’re wearing a dress, wearing lipstick, curly hair, and they have a sperm, then they’re male. Everybody who shows up wearing pants, hair cut short and they have an egg, they’re female. So, what’s the debate?  Not what people say they are, but what science and medical experts say they are. Thank you.

Retail rebound

In response to the local retail slow to rebound article that was in the Gazette May 28th, I don’t understand why our government continues to allow green spaces to be destroyed, such as the area where the new Aldi store is coming in; apparently another supermarket’s coming up there. And the Harris Teeter location, back where the Outlet Mall used to be, which would have been a perfect building for a school, but they continue to gripe about. We have a shopping center on Mooretown Road that is almost completely empty and Williamsburg Crossing. We have shopping centers all over town with vacancies, yet we continue to allow places to be built. Our government needs to put a stop to this, and if there’s a certain vacancy rate in the city or county, there should be no building permits allowed.  


Presidential politics

Most of us have limits.  I would love to have 10 million dollars, I used to just want 1 million, but inflation has upped the ante.  As much as I would love to have that money, there are some things I will not do to get it.  I will not betray my country, my family or my church.  What terrifies me is that I honestly believe that Hillary has no limits.  I am convinced there is nothing she would not do to achieve the Presidency. I believe she would sell out our country to the highest bidder. Saudi Arabia has given the Clinton Foundation 100 million dollars.  What do they expect in return?

I am hearing very persuasive reasons as to why Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President.  In her one responsible position as Secretary of State, she failed miserably.  She could even be indicted for being so derelict in her duties that she put this country at risk. On the other side, I see a bigoted, racist, demagogic isolationist  who at the least could create massive inflation and with his trigger happy, thin skinned attitude could plunge us into  world-wide conflict. So who to vote for?  Frankly, there is no justification in picking the lesser of two evils.  How about if I just sit this one out?

Once again, America has been attacked by Radical Islamic terrorism and still all the Democrats can do is to call for stricter gun control. Again, gun control wouldn’t have made a bit of difference; the shooter was a security professional with a license to carry a gun. Also, the liberal left will tell you that it was just a coincidence that the terrorist was a Muslim, just like all the other terrorists before this one. For the sake of the survival of America, we must replace our Democratic run government with a Republican who will actually protect us.

We just had the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history in Jacksonville, Florida. Yes, it was a being Muslim, and most of us are rightly concerned about that. Except, of course, the Texas Lt. Governor who promptly tweeted a Bible verse saying that the victims got what they deserved for LGBT. And Trump will stop at only blaming Muslims. But what about the fact that this radical could easily obtain weapons to do this?  Being in the pocket of the NRA, Trump will say nothing about the guns, which remain readily available to radical Muslims and others who shouldn’t have them. Hillary at least has the guts to take this on, and push for laws which prevent availability of guns to people like this. Who is the toughest person here? Not the bully with the extreme comb over.



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