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Last Word, Sept. 5: Looking for lots of things

Looking for ...

To the person looking for an interior decorator, I'd recommend contacting Debbie at decoratingsense@cox.net. Debbie is the owner of DecoratingSense, a small LLC, and is very good at selecting colors that work well together; and matching those colors with the existing decor.

Lost: Toyota key fob on the Route 5 bike path in front of Jamestown High School. If found, please call 220-1545.

I am looking for a reputable contractor who can resurface and stain an existing stamped concrete patio. Must have references. Respond here, please.

To the woman who was looking for Josh formerly from Jim De's Hair Salon. He has his own set up in the Five Forks area in Williamsburg. You can reach him at 804-832-3436.

If anyone is missing a lost black/brown dog with a black and gray collar, we have seen it sitting on our front porch at 140 Point O Woods, Mirror Lake Estates. Couldn't tell if it was male or female. We were not able to catch the dog. However, I believe it visits our yard several times because I have seen evidence of it. If we can catch it, we will either call Animal Control or bring it to the Heritage Humane Society. If we do, I will put a notice in the Last Word.

Does anyone know when there will be another Shred-a-thon sponsored by one of the local businesses?

To the individual looking for a Verizon phone book, the yellow pages were delivered in March. The white pages are by request only. Want one or both? Call 1-877-243-8339, M-F 8-4:30.

To the person looking for someone to help with paint selection, I would highly recommend Sherry Summerlin of Shaz Design. She has great interior design credentials and , because she keeps her overhead low, has very reasonable prices.

Older wood windows intact glass -- come and get-um -- 105 Royal Court, Kingswood

At a recent Summer Breeze Concert in Merchants' Square, I found a folding chair in a sack. If you lost one, call (757) 220-8963. Thank you.

In response to the reader looking for a designer for color advice for the interior of their house, I highly recommend Lori Bjorkman. I have worked with her on several projects and she has done an amazing job with color selection. Her web address is: www.loribjorkmaninteriordesign.com, if you would like to see some of her work. She can be reached at 757-291-9092 or loribjorkmanid@gmail.com.

If you are looking for an expert furniture refinisher and restorer, call Adam at the Furniture Clinic, 258 3188. After stripping yellow paint off my antique table, he brought it back to its original beautiful mahogany finish. I am thrilled with his work and prices. Happy to share!

Has anyone had an aggregate drive replaced? Interested in any info.

The Junior Woman's Club of Williamsburg is celebrating its 60th anniversary. We are looking for pictures or other club memorabilia. Please send to P.O. Box 1117, Williamsburg, VA, 23187, or email to jwcw60th@gmail.com. Thank you!

One community

My husband and I moved to Williamsburg in April of this year. We still consider ourselves somewhat “newbies.” We have been attending the Summer Breeze music series on Wednesday evenings in Market Square. We have loved the music and the people attending. One thing we have noticed is the friendliness of those seated around us. I don't know what housing area the folks visiting with us are from. It could be Kingsmill, Ford's Colony, Governors Land, trailer park or even out of town. People are just nice and friendly. I think the readers of this paper that write about one development being better than another for one reason or another should take a lesson from these concert attenders. We are all of the same community.


On Thursday morning (Aug. 27), I shopped in the Food Lion store in Ewell Station on Richmond Road. I discovered that evening that I had left my wallet in that store. I drove to the store, went immediately to customer service and was greeted by a very polite and pleasant young man. I explained that I had left my wallet in the store earlier in the day. He retrieved my wallet from the safe; I thanked him profusely. I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank you” to the honest person who turned in my wallet with its contents intact.

Kudos to the young guys from Just Plumbing, who showed up when they promised, worked hard to ascertain the problem, fixed the problem and had everything back in working order relatively quickly. Best of all, we didn't have to spend the night in a hotel because we had no running water or working toilets. Good job.

Yes, I take my hat off to Duke Biggs, the man who stood up to unscrupulous bankers who tried to ruin his reputation and his life. And I think that any American in this day and age has a right to do what he did, and I’m certainly proud of what he did. Have a good day.


Since 9/11, there have been over 150,000 deaths, mostly by handguns — almost three Vietnams’ worth of dead Americans. That’s with 270 million guns in private hands in the U.S., or 9 guns for every 10 Americans. On the other hand, if we had no guns in private hands in the U.S., we’d have no gun deaths. If you want fewer gun deaths, the only solution is to decrease the number of guns. Just do the math: the numbers don’t lie.

Politically correct

There's an annual contest at Bond University in Australia calling for the most appropriate definition of a popular term. This year’s term was “political correctness.” The winning student wrote: “Political correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and promoted by main stream media which holds forth the premise that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of crap by the clean end.''

Better symbols

Really? Some Daughters of the Confederacy are feeling unwanted because William and Mary removed the Confederate battle flag from its mace? That flag was created for an army that fought a long and bloody war in a futile effort to perpetuate slavery and white supremacy in the South. The flag enjoyed a resurgence in 1948 when it became a symbol of the Dixiecrats and their platform of white supremacy and segregation. Today, as it always has, the flag symbolizes racial superiority that, when taken to the extreme, becomes hate and deadly actions based on hate. It's time to put the flag in museums and find better symbols to represent that which is good about Southern culture and heritage.

In reading the Last Word, I feel that many do not understand or care to accept that the reason for the removal of the Confederate battle flag has little or nothing to do with its meaning in the 19th century, but rather its meaning to many in the 21st century, where it has become a symbol of hatred and racism. As a Yankee who has little interest in the Civil War, I do think that some have gone too far. The removal of plaques honoring the Civil War dead to me represent the tragedy of war (any war) and should remain as that symbol.

You know, I agree with the person who was talking about the Daughters of the Confederacy. You don’t remove things. You leave them and you educate people. Educate them about the Confederacy and what it meant, but you don’t remove it. It’s as if you have a divorce and you don’t like the person and it’s the mother or the father of your children and you remove all the pictures of that person. It’s history, and you educate them and you try to be civil about it. That way, you hope you won’t repeat the same mistakes. It’s history, and the politically correct crowd of this country wants to feel good about everything all the time. They think they can make it a perfect world, and it’s never going to be perfect. Kudos to the person who said it. Don’t remove it; educate people. We really, really need to stop with this.

 New middle school

Will the new middle school be designed using the LEED credits for school acoustics? The surfaces in the drawings look pretty hard, and will create problematic reverberations that can definitely impact the learning environment if acoustics standards are not followed.

Schools without walls were tried in the 70's. They were a sad failure. They were so noisy and distracting that teachers ended up walling off their classes with bookcases. This sounds like the new middle school. Are we trying to repeat the mistakes of the past?

Bag checks, etc.

In response to the person complaining about the bag checks in theaters: What is the big deal? Do you really think the employees enjoy checking people's bags? I bet they dread it as much as you do. I know a theater worker and they are constantly saying how rude and horrible people are to the employees. But you know what? It's not their fault. They are just doing their job. There are signs posted all around the theater so you should not be upset or startled when they ask you to open your bags. If you want to complain to someone about it, mail corporate because they are the ones who came up with the idea. The person I know said if they don't check bags, they get yelled at by their managers, so they have no choice and the theater is private property so it is legal. Either deal with the new policy or simply go to another theater because it is not going away any time soon.

I wish I still lived in a time when I could venture all the way to the airport gate to greet visiting/departing friends or relatives. Or could board a plane without removing my shoes. Or pack a bottle of shampoo and not have my manicure set confiscated. Unfortunately those days are gone. Now our society has to submit to searches because of lax laws that allow the hateful and unbalanced to buy automatic weapons and ridiculous amounts of ammunition. I have heard stories of irate customers who overreact to the same policy implemented by Busch Gardens and Water Country. First, realize that your tantrums are aimed toward someone who has no say in a corporate decision; they are simply doing their job to ensure your safety. Second, your little scene destroys what was meant to be an enjoyable evening out and causes delays. But mostly, you are the one who asks where was the security for the victims of countless tragedies, Events all too familiar on the news. The real question is, if a corporation is willing to implement a common sense policy that is hardly invasive to ensure the safety of the public, why can’t our law makers do as much?

Gated community

My wife and I retired to a gated community 30 years ago. Of the places we lived, never have we experienced such selfish, hypocritical people more interested in their golf scores or being on their boat than concerns for a critical sick, dying neighbor. Whatever happened to common decency? It's gone with the wind. The bigger the smile, the phonier the person.

Terrible conditions

A caller this week points out just how terrible a place Juarez is, and he's right. Not only is Juarez dangerous but other places like Michoacan are even worse and have totally come under control of local warlords. People are desperate, because it's hard to raise a family when children are regularly dying in crossfire. Because people are so desperate, because it's impossible to live like a human being in these places, they will do anything, risk anything, to come to the US. 

It's not that we have an immigration problem, it's that there is a problem with governments in Central America having lost control. Until there is rule of law there, anything we can do here is futile and a waste of money. We need to be helping things down there so people can have a normal life and then the flood of illegals will stop.

Driving manners

To the person who suddenly changed lanes without a signal in front of Target on Monticello last Friday, I'm the guy who you nearly killed on the motorcycle next to you! How about taking a look where you're going, buddy.

In the past few days I've witnessed three relatively harmless acts of brazen, self-serving imprudence that make me wonder if people have any consideration for their fellow citizens. The first episode was at a dry cleaners. There are only three parking spaces in front of the store, and parked in the middle space was a man who had doors opened on both sides of his car, blocking anyone from parking on either side. Is it essential that you take up three parking spaces for 15 minutes just to get your laundry back in the car? Next, I witnessed a woman walk out of a grocery store and take her purchases to a car parked in a space labeled “Reserved for Parents With Infants.” There was another person in the driver's seat, as well as a child in a car seat, neither of whom ever got out of the car. I hardly think that is the intended use of that parking space. And a few minutes later a woman parked next to me put her groceries in her car, then backed out, nearly running over an elderly gentleman walking with child. Then she pulled forward and blew through a stop sign, causing another driver to lock up his brakes, narrowly avoiding a collision. And of course, she just kept on going. I've lived in Williamsburg for 25 years, and I have never seen people behave in such a rude manner. C'mon folks, how about a little kindness and consideration for those around you?

Weigh your vote

One should not vote for a presidential candidate based only on person's gender or, for that matter, just because the person is an egomaniac, arrogant, blowhard or pompous.

We like Fred

I'm shocked at the cheap shots people have taken at Siegel's shrewd cartoons. Some folks lead such a miserable, humorless lives that they insist on dragging everyone else down to their level. The Gazette will surely not buckle to such thin-skinned attacks. Keep Fred around for our continued enjoyment.

Bike fees?

To the Last Word contributor who proposed a $100/year fee for bicyclists: As a frequent bicyclist, I would be glad to pay that amount for bike infrastructure, if you agreed to pay the amount required to build and maintain roads for automobiles. By one estimate the former is 1/100th of the latter, so you should therefore pay $10,000/yr. for your road use.

Old medication

I took several bottles of pills that had expired dates to my doctor to get be disposed. He told he couldn't do this. He told me to take the pills to my pharmacy. The next day I went to my local pharmacy to see if she would dispose of the out dated pills. Once again, I was told no. My question is: where can you go in Williamsburg to dispose of old, outdated medication?

Everyday soldiers

Yes, comment on a recent heroic citizens that saved the lives on the train in France. I agree with the accolades they get, but can someone explain the difference to me that our dedicated soldiers, particularly the ones in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, do? Every day their lives are on, every day they do not get any of these exceptional, warm welcomes when they come back to our country. I think it’s a travesty because they do just as much as these fine young men did. They did it one day. Our soldiers do it every day. Thank you.

All a tragedy

Bryce Winds [?] as he is known on his television network station kills two reporters. And he’s angry and bitter and a mess. So reports the news, which we agree with. But when, for racial reasons, which is what he initially gave, stores are burnt down in Ferguson, we’re supposed to think, “Well, it’s all right.” Where’s the profile on all the store owners? When policemen have been shot at random in different cities in the United States because of somebody’s disgruntled, racial problems, we’re supposed to think it’s okay. But when it comes to news people, it’s amazing how they all band together and say, “No, this behavior’s horrible.” Well, I have news for them. It was horrible in Ferguson, it was horrible in Oakland, it was horrible in New York. It’s been horrible in Baltimore. It’s tragic for the reporter and the photographer, but it’s equally tragic for policemen’s families. It’s equally as tragic for people who own businesses who just have them burnt to the ground. It’s equally as tragic for people who are afraid to go out of their houses.

Sovereign states

I want to also add my two cents’ worth to the one who thought that states were supposed to be sovereign and basically do their own laws. I agree 100% and I agree 100% that the Supreme Court has outlived its usefulness, and they are trying to take over the whole law of the whole United States by their own opinions. Instead of one man, one vote, this country is now becoming overtaken by politicians instead of by the people making the laws. And I wish it would change.

‘No means no’

I am so disappointed in Virginia Gazette’s not printing my request on “No means no” to the married man — I didn’t name names or locations — who has aggressively followed me for five years. And I can’t pin down a name on that. I would write an editorial, but I don’t want my name in print. I’ve contacted the authorities on him. The store manager has reviewed the video and saw him looking for me, following me and approaching me. Within the next hour, 75 women will be raped in this country. That’s not only a national tragedy; that’s a national epidemic. A lot of young college girls will be going back to school this year, unprepared for the aggressive men that they will be encountering. And I’m decades older than any college girl.

Join the board

To the person who wants to be on a Chesapeake Bay Board or the James City County Environmental Committee: They can go to the county and get an application, fill it out and they will be considered. Thank you.

About an eye doctor

To the person who says she’s written in several times to find an optometrist or an ophthalmologist that’s good but does not cost an arm and a leg: What does an arm and a leg cost? That is a totally subjective—there’s no way to know what an arm and a leg cost. So I suggest you look in the phone book and find “optometrist.” Call them and ask them how much they charge and tell them how much you think an arm and a leg is.

To the person looking for an optometrist or an ophthalmologist: I would recommend Dr. Cullom, as an ophthalmologist. I don’t know how much he charges, but I’ve been very happy with him, and you can find his number in the phone book. Another doctor is Dr. McMenamin.

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