Last word, March 15: Another chance to say 'thank you

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Can anyone correct my problems of Microsoft 10?  757-565-4914.

Licensed vehicles 

Who is responsible for enforcing the law that all vehicles in York County have valid license plates? Complaints to the county bear no results. There is a light blue van, a Mercedes, and a 4x4 parked in Queenswood with no plates. Aren’t all vehicles parked in the yard, road or driveway, capable of running or not, supposed to be licensed?

Thank you

Thank you, Chick-Fil-A, for the thoughtfulness of giving a free chicken biscuit every Monday last month.  Not only do you have the best fast food in town, you have the cleanest restaurant also.  Special thanks to you and your friendly staff. You're the best.

We would like to publicly thank Rob Lindsay and all the staff at Blaze Pizza for all their help in hosting and participating in the Team Gracie Kicking Leukemia’s Butt charity event. The staff was professional, organized and knew how to handle the vast volume of people that showed up. Mr. Lindsay and the staff were friendly and really seem to take up the cause. This event would not have been as successful as it was, if it wasn’t for all of you. Once again, we thank you.

I would like to thank all the kind people who stopped to help me on Saturday, March 5, when my car died at the entrance to Governor’s Green Shopping Center at Five Forks.  You all were such a blessing!  Thank you for steering and pushing my car into the bank parking lot and for making sure that I could get home.  An extra special thank you and hugs for my good neighbors on Cooley Road who drove me to my door.  You were all such a blessing.

Presidential politics

Hillary Clinton: innocent until Obama no longer needs her.  Release the hounds!

To the person who stated what message would it send to our young people if Donald Trump would win: The way to get ahead in America is to act like a colossal jerk, would you prefer your child to act like Hillary Clinton and be a pathological liar? 

Health coverage

The recent Last Word commentary about health care coverage for members of Congress and staff is correct.  But there is more to the facts of the coverage than suggested.  Starting January 1, 2014, members of Congress and designated congressional staff could no longer have access to health care coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits program and were required to obtain health insurance coverage through a SHOP exchange in order to receive a Government Contribution toward the coverage.  SHOP = Small Business Health Option Program operated the by DC Health Benefit Exchange.  The Government Contribution = statutory formula for health plans offered under the FEHB program, which is set at 72% of the weighted average of all FEHB plan premiums not to exceed 75% of any given plan’s premium.  So yes, they are covered by the Affordable Care Act and yes they must purchase health care coverage from an Exchange.  But, the final OPM ruling places them in an unusual category – only plans offered under the Small Business Program.  And yes they get to keep the Government Contribution assistance.  So now there are nearly 13,000 which are enrolled in gold-level SHOP plans with annual government contributions to cover the costs averaging just under $5,000 for singles and just over $10,000 for families.  Quite a good deal!  Of course they always have the option to get health care coverage through their spouse’s employer, if it is a better deal.

Looking for ...

Does anyone out there know of a project for used Christmas cards?

Is there a barber or hairdresser here that truly knows how to trim and maintain a gentleman's facial hair?


After a long search for a good dentist, we have finally found one.  Now our dentist is Dr. Edward Owens and his practice is in Williamsburg. He is the absolute best and so is his staff. His knowledge and friendly demeanor in which he explains everything in detail is very much appreciated.

To any of you looking for a chiropractor, I strongly recommend Dr. Dan Roth on Courthouse Street. We moved here from Northern Virginia about 3 years ago.  I needed someone to treat my severe back and neck pain issues.  Based on a recommendation, I made an appointment with Dr. Roth of Williamsburg Neck and Back Center.  After only one treatment, I started feeling some relief.  I was also shown a number of stretching exercises, which I can do at home.  I continue to go to Dr. Roth once a week for treatment and exercises.  This was, for me, a minor miracle.  I feel good and do things I could not accomplish only two months ago.  Thank you, Dr. Roth and your entire staff.

Unsafe roads

Concerning unsafe roads, I nominate Two Rivers Road in Governor’s Land.  It is a heavily traveled, two lane road built to minimum width, has inadequate lighting, no center line, no road side lines, and no road shoulders.  Cars routinely run off onto soggy grass.  In any type of bad weather, it's difficult to follow the road and avoid oncoming traffic.  Center and side lines would be a big improvement for what is the community's main road.

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