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The Last Word on veterans and Veterans Day, Nov. 17

We need to fix the V.A. to really show veterans that the country cares

Veterans and Veterans Day

Cedar Grove Cemetery was again a place of great beauty this Veterans’ Day. The flags were placed on the graves of our veterans by the Patrick Henry Chapter of the Disabled American Veterans. Our thanks to them and to Bill Brown, the cemetery caretaker and his faithful crew. The American flags moved gently in the breeze—a very moving sight. Our deserving veterans were beautifully honored. Thank you to all who made this happen. Thank you.

All Americans should thank our veterans, Not by shaking his hand, not by buying him lunch, but by telling their congressmen that we are willing to have our taxes raised so that the United States Government has the money to take care of our elderly and disabled in an honorable manner. We should not have to rely on charities such as the Wounded Warrior project to take care of our veterans.

Our Veterans Administration is a disaster. The health care for veterans is a disaster. My mother died—couldn’t get in to Veterans Hospital. My father died—couldn’t get in to Veterans Hospital. My husband had an uncle—couldn’t get in to Veterans Hospital. Here’s what I propose. That in honor of Veterans’ Day, we make the entire Congress and we make the President and his entire Administration go off their health care and use only VA. Let’s see how long it would take them to fix the system.

Minimum wage

I understand there’s many fast food workers and other individuals working in nursing homes fighting for $15 hourly wage.  But people who work in food industries generally don’t have any skills. They haven’t had any education. Some of them probably never even graduated from high school, and how do they think they can get $15 an hour?  What that’s going to do is it’s going to drive employers to go to kiosks, where you just order from a robot and they won’t need to have the workers. So they’re only hurting themselves, and what they don’t realize is it’s going to put them in a higher tax rate and they won’t get any of their entitlements. So they need to think about that.

Fatal bickering

When are you people, on both sides of the aisle, going to realize, that no matter how thoughtful, coherent and factually correct your argument is, the other side will not believe or even consider a word you are saying.  We have reached a divide in this country never seen before and it shows no signs of getting any better.  I actually look forward to the day that our government finally collapses under the weight of itself and we see the people dependent on it for their existence fade away.  Then this country can rebuild back to greatness.


Terry McAuliffe, our governor, is furious that he can’t extend Medicaid in Virginia. I say, why don’t you just handle it properly and you’d have more money? Holes in the system have resulted in as much as $38 million in payments to ineligible recipients over the last 18 months, according to the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission. Medicaid is already an $8 billion dollar a year program in Virginia.

Questionable answer 

We have Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State. Her husband was a former president. She was asked, “Who was the enemy you’re the most proud of?”  As the former Secretary of State, she says “the Republican Party.” I don’t mean to be rude to her, but there’s something wrong with her head. We’ve got problems with ISIS, we have problems in the Middle East, and that’s the best answer she could come up with. If that were me, I would have said, “Let’s talk about enemies that really hurt the United States. And I’d list them. There’s something wrong with her.

GOP debate

We just finished listening to the Republican debate put on by Fox Business News. Finally a debate where it was about the candidates where you could clearly understand where they stood.  Several of them I disagreed with. Several of them I agreed with. But it wasn’t about the moderator, and it wasn’t about smug little 13-year-old questions. Finally we got moderators who asked business questions, who actually asked military questions, who actually let the candidates speak without doing personal attacks. Finally we got some grownups.  I just want to hear what the person who wants to be the president of the United States say about what their policies will be because it’s important for this country. The rest is garbage. It’s nice to hear the candidates speak and give their positions.

Ferry service

Yes, to the folks that keep on complaining about the ferry service:  I do think that they’re trying their best, and all you hear is complaints about it. And maybe they should charge a small fee or toll that would help them out with the maintenance cost of the ferries. But I really feel that people should stop the complaining already. Thank you.

Looking for ...

Does anyone know of a company or an individual that will do slate work outdoors, small area?

To the person new to the area and looking for a stylist good at cutting short, fine hair:  My hair is short, fine and very straight and I've gotten great results from Cindy, the owner of Cindy's Classic Cuts on Richmond Road in Toano. 

More Civics 101

Yes, I got an answer to Civics 101. Obama runs the country on executive orders.

Isn’t it interesting that in the United States we have choices of what we think and how we think? In a recent Last Word, there was an article that it was okay for President Obama to have Congress pass bills, allot monies and everything – it’s his job. In the next column, President Bush got all the blame for the job that he did with the Iraq and Iran war. Now, President Obama was not to blame. Really?  Because it’s all Congress’ fault. They allotted the funds. However, President Bush made the decision. Congress apparently had nothing to do with it. It’s all his fault. We get our choices, don’t we!

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