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In The Last Word, 'It's a Wonderful Life,' Dec. 3

Longtime residents say watching ice skating at CW was joyful.


'It's a Wonderful Life'

Jamestown High School's Theatre Department performs "It's a Wonderful Life" on Dec. 3, 4, and 5 at 7 pm. Tickets are on sale at the door for $8 per person. Come out to support local high schoolers and relive the classic story of George Bailey and his search for meaning in his life.

Looking for ...

Where is Take 757 performing these days? The young jazz combo is outstanding and we look forward to hearing more from them.

Great ice skating! 

I had occasion last weekend to view the skating rink in operation. For a change, I heard children and adults laughing and playing together.  So very unlike the normal fare of old people boring the children with tales of people they never heard of. Incidentally my wife and I are 72. We spent our honeymoon at Williamsburg 50 years ago and have lived here since 1982. After viewing the skating, we passed on to the traditional Williamsburg visit to Duke of Gloucester Street. Huzzah to the management!


While the person who wrote an editorial in the Opinion Section of the Gazette “Story around guns needs clarifying” made some good points, a few were quite naïve.  Rebuttal 4, New York City , has  a very high crime rate, as does Chicago and LA; again, they also have the strictest gun laws. Law abiding citizens have no way to protect themselves, as the police can’t be everywhere.  Rebuttal 5, goes onto say that the “majority want gun free zones.” Well, I just hope the criminals with the guns agree with this.

Parade parking

Please, please, city of Williamsburg consider No parking on Richmond Road for the annual Christmas parade! Also, please protect our neighborhoods with signs for neighborhood parking. You do this for football games. Please do it for the parade! 

Overview of the president 

To see the real Obama plan, one must read is Silvia Thompson’s conservative column, Barack Obama Is Not Seeking Legacy. This is the most accurate overview of Obama’s mindset, administration, and true plans – and in fact his demonstrated actions. You cannot miss the fact that Thompson has depicted him accurately.

First Amendment rights

A Florida gun store owner declared his business a Muslim-free zone, and the lawsuit by the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida was thrown out of court because the store owner was entitled to protection under the First Amendment, and the Muslim activists could not demonstrate they suffered any injury. Given this legal decision, why is a bakery or a photographer not be similarly protected? What happened to their rights? Answer? Activist liberal judges.

Thanks for the kindness

I wanted to again thank the family that stopped to help me this last Friday evening.  The battery in my car died right in the middle of the parking lot of the Christmas Mouse. They were kind enough to help me jump it so that I could make it home to Gloucester. Thank you so much.  I just wanted to make sure you knew how grateful I was for your help. It's great to know that there are still people out there willing to help another in need.  Happy holidays indeed!

Body counts

To give the annual body count from gunshots a perspective, the entire population of the City of Williamsburg would be wiped out in 23 weeks and 4 days.  If this level of carnage was the result of a biological agent, the resulting outrage from the American people would force even the current "Do Nothing" Congress to get off its collective arses and do something about it.

More on Civics 101 

I remember in Civics 101 that we have three branches of government to provide checks and balances when disputes arise between the branches.  Should we not leave the constitutionality of executive orders to the Supreme Court if the legislative branch feels President Obama has over-reached his authority?  I suggest the individual or individuals who feel President Obama is an "overreaching dictator" write his or her congressman and become part of our democratic process!


We have been lucky to find Shanna Keeter as a caterer for our meetings.  Every month she brings a lovely, delicious casserole and a salad to our meetings for $8.00 a person.  In addition to her list of delectable casseroles, she will make your favorite.  Her number is (757) 713-2675.  You will find that she is a gem!

Anyone interested in remodeling their home should call Engle Construction, Inc.  (757) 868-8326.  Their work was superb, they came in at the agreed upon price and best of all, finished earlier than projected. You won't be disappointed.

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