Planning Commission passes car repair, brewing company decisions to City Council

The Planning Commission voted to allow a new restaurant and brewery into the city, and also to allow a Firestone to enter a portion of the city that previously had a hotel.

Pavilion Development Company representatives told the commission that the Firestone - which would use about 7,700 feet of the current property - would - have its doors down, per Firestone company policy.

Commission had issues with that arrangement, given how warm Virginia's weather is and the noise that drills and other equipment could mean for the area, but three of them voted to accept the company's proposal.

The Amber Ox Kitchen & Brewery asked for a special permit to operate on Prince George Street, and the Planning Commission was happy to hear that such a business wanted to enter the city.

"Folks in town are really going to be happy with it," said commission member Elaine McBeth.

"It's a perfect addition to the downtown area," said commission member Andrew Edwards. "It's exactly what we are looking for." 

City Council will make the final decision on whether the Firestone and Amber Ox companies can operate in the city at a future meeting.

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