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Should pets be at the Farmers Market? Here are some Last Words about that, April 1

Do food and pets sometimes mix a litte too closely at the Farmers Market?

Pets at the Farmers Market

During the past year, I attended the Newport News Craft Show and the Poquoson Seafood Festival. Both venues had signs posted, “No pets allowed.” If Williamsburg Farmers’ Market posted the same signs, I and other shoppers would not have to see another pet urinate on the plants vendors have for sale. I and other shoppers would not suddenly look down at a vendor’s table and see a pet’s snout appear flat on the table, right where the food is displayed. I and other shoppers would not have to hop around and dodge pets and their leashes to get from point A to point B. I and others, who have begun to talk of the issues, wonder where the Williamsburg Health Department is on Saturday mornings where animals, food and people all mix together. Thank you for reading my opinion on this growing issue.

Space pens

In reference to the ridiculous claim on March 25 that NASA spent $165 million developing a pen for space use:  Get your facts straight! It's a false claim that has been debunked for years. Scientific American has a wonderful article detailing the real story. While you're on the internet, look up all the benefits to our society that have been created through NASA research and NASA partnerships. Furthermore, NASA recently opened their research to the public for free! NASA PubSpace provides free online access to hundreds of papers on NASA-funded research projects. As the previous poster stated, your taxes are due in April. I still want mine to fund NASA.

Playing cards

Do you know how to play euchre or wish to learn, but haven't met anyone else who knows what you are talking about? Well, you're in luck!  The Williamsburg Euchre Group is looking for euchre players. If you are interested in playing euchre with a fun, non-competitive group, contact Marsha at mrober1@cox.net for more information.

Handicapped parking

I have no sympathy for those who excuse themselves for parking without evidence of a disability permit by voicing their own concept of disability, without taking the trouble to get permission to park in a handicap spot.  It's the law, Mate!

Business ideas

Williamsburg could use an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and also some of the motels that  get turned down could be used as housing for older people who are working or people who are working in hotels and the motels and the restaurant business. They need more lower income housing.

Town halls

We were happy to read in the Last Word that our elected Virginia Democrats Sen. Monte Mason and Del. Michael Mullins had a successful March town hall event in the Stryker Building.  Yes, very pleased to know they were afforded the free speech that has been denied to Republican elected officials by angry, rude protesters shouting and waving signs to continually disrupt their town halls. Our newly elected U.S. Congressman Scott Taylor had three or four town halls were uniformed police and plain clothes personnel were on hand to protect constituents from professionally organized agitators who denied Rep. Taylor his freedom of speech. And what a disappointment it has been to see this same disgusting behavior by “socialist-Democrats” repeated all across the United States at Republican events.


Remember this name, Cyber Wizards, if you need any computer problems solved.  Randy came to our rescue and solved issues that had been bothering us on our computer for a while.  He was on time, fixed the problems, gave us some helpful hints and was very courteous and friendly.  Price was very reasonable.  We would highly recommend him.  His phone number is 757-273-0708.

Thank you

We would like to thank Dr. Fidler and staff at Jolly Pond Veterinary Hospital for the wonderful care given to our cat while she was ill and then at the end.  The compassion they showed at the end for our cat and us will always be remembered. Thank you!

I wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to Parlett’s Paper Expressions on New Town Avenue in New Town.  I went in looking for invitations to a bridal shower I am hosting.  The nice lady there showed me some of their work on beautiful printed invitations, but I told her I was on a time crunch and would just get the preprinted ones and do them myself.  She told me I could have them the next day. Wow – I got beautiful printed invitations very reasonably priced and the next day.  Thank you Parlett’s! Beautiful work, very easy to work with, quick and reasonable!

A great big thank you for the removal of the “No turn on red” signage at the Lightfoot Market Place, turning right onto Richmond Road. It was long overdue.

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