Students, teachers start classes


Thousands of children made their way back into schools Tuesday morning, starting the 2017-18 academic year.

Laurel Lane Elementary principal Karen Swann has never really gotten used to how quickly the summer seems to pass during her time as a teacher or an administrator.

“It’s June, you blink, and it’s the end of August,” Swann said. “You always think of 50 more things you could do, but that’s every day. If we had two more weeks, we’d want three more.”

School board member Sandra Young said she makes a point to visit areas school on the first day when she can. She especially likes elementary schools, she said.

“These are basically toddlers, so it’s adorable,” she said. “It’s always an exciting time.”

Laurel Lane assistant principal Deanna Nelson said she usually spends the first morning making sure kids get on and off the bus safely.

“You try to pay attention to how they look getting off the bus,” she said. “There are a lot of smiling faces, but also some sad ones. They pass a lot of people on their way to class, so the goal is to have them feeling a bit better once they get there.”

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