Sinkhole appears on Palace Green

A large sinkhole was discovered today on the Palace Green, according to officials at Colonial Williamsburg. 

Authorities said it developed sometime on Thanksgiving Day, and was caused by a leak in a water well line running from underneath Palace Green to Bruton Parish.

A sinkhole is a cavity in the ground, especially in limestone bedrock, caused by water erosion and providing a route for surface water to disappear underground.

The pipe dates to 1962 and provides cooling for the church's air conditioning. 

At present the hole is about five-feet deep, and is about 8-by-10 ft. at its largest points.

Maintenance staff has roped off a larger area to ensure guest safety. Since the source of the hole is known, it is not believed the hole will get any worse, Colonial Williamsburg officials said in a post on their Facebook page. 

Friday afternoon, a Colonial Williamsburg spokesman said the whole will be compared in "the next several days."

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