Expanding Capital Trail could be boon for businesses

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The Capital Trail stretches the more than 50 miles from Richmond to the Jamestown Settlement. It's expansion farther east could be a boon for the Hampton Roads region, according to a regional transportation employee.

Steve Lambert, a transportation planner with the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization, appreciates the trail is gentle enough for bikers of a variety of ages.

"Anybody can ride it," said Lambert, an avid biker. "Your kids would love it. Road bikers can ride it."

"The thing I like about it is it backs up to some of the major businesses in Williamsburg," he said. "Even in places like Charles City County, their businesses stay open later because of the traffic they get from the trail."

Lambert said the planning organization is in talks with cities east of Williamsburg to extend the trail. Currently, the 53-mile trail stretches from Richmond to the Jamestown Settlement.

Williamsburg has more than 11 miles of bike lanes. Lambert said part of the organization's aim is to extend the trail further east to places like Fort Monroe.

"We look at the trail and think, why can't we have something like this in our community?" he said.

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City employees urged to walk, bike to work on Friday

May is National Bike Month. The city of Williamsburg urged employees and residents to walk, bike, or bus to their workplaces Friday to keep them cognizant of their environmental footprint.

On Friday, the city was still tallying the number of employees who participated in the event. On May 10, schools districts around the state urged their students to bike to school.

This is the 10th year the city has asked people to bike or walk to work, city spokesperson Lee Ann Hartmann said.

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