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Humid, rainy weather doesn't deter Tribe families

The Virginia Gazette

Ada Osuorah held the hood of her jacket down tightly over her braids Saturday as she climbed the steps of the historic Wren building at The College of William and Mary. 

The wind blew heavy rain on her as she held her little brother’s hand and led her mother and younger sister through the building where she joined the Tribe more than a year ago.

Despite the weather, her family came from Roanoke to visit during the university’s annual Family Weekend.

“This is a great place,” the economics and government major said. “The sense of community is real here, and not just at school.”

Her mother, Vivian Osuorah, said this is the second year her family has come to the event. Last year, the weather was sunny enough for a picnic in the Sunken Gardens and other activities outside.

This weekend’s weather forecast included an overcast sky and heavy rains on and off for both days. “It really put a damper on things,” she said before laughing at her own joke.

Vivian Osuorah enjoys William and Mary’s classic style and traditions, she said.

“There’s something about this school, I don’t know how to describe it, I just love it here,” Vivian Osuorah said.

The humidity, heavy rain and winds didn’t deter families who toured William and Mary’s Saturday. Clad in ponchos, raincoats and carrying umbrellas, thousands of students and their parents attended Family Weekend activities such as lectures, concerts, meetings and tours on the Williamsburg campus. Green and yellow signs on the lawns of businesses welcomed Tribe members and their families to events and a football game.

An Improvisational Theater’s Family Weekend show was packed with students and their families, some who said they came in to dodge the rain, but stayed for the performance of the oldest student-run performing arts group at William and Mary. The crowd joined in the performance, and laughed a lot during the half-hour performance.

“It was great,” sophomore Annabel McSpadden said. “We had such a good time.”
This year, instead of following a schedule from the university, McSpadden’s family went their own way, going to lunch in Merchant’s Square after visiting the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market.

An English and pre-med major, McSpadden said her family was having a good time, even if they had gotten soaked doing it.

Freshman Harrison Feiner’s family hustled through the rain to get to his show, the W & M MEME Miracle Concert. The concert used a mix of traditional and folk music to showcase students’ performances. His mother, brother and grandparents clapped along as he played, blowing him kisses and cheering during the show.

“We’re going to the football game tonight, too,” his mother Nancy Feiner said. They knew they had more rain to look forward to, but after spending a day in it, she said, “We’re used to it now, and we came prepared.”

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