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Worries about refugees in the Last Word, Nov. 23

Have recent changes at Colonial Williamsburg tarnished its legacy?

Syrian refugees

With what happened in Paris Nov. 13—the murdering of all these innocent people—why in the world would President Obama still say it’s okay to bring Syrian refugees in? How can we do any sort of a background on these people coming in? We do it here and in Europe, but they have no background in most of the Mid Eastern countries. We need to think of our people first. I feel sorry for them, but they need to stay behind and try to save their country instead of leaving the country. I would gladly—I think as many Americans would—die to save our country for our children, our grandchildren and future generations. We have to stop ISIS and we have to go, just like France is doing, bomb the you-know-what out of them. We cannot allow any more Syrians in, and I don’t blame these governors saying we can’t have any more. We need to protect our citizens first.

CW legacy

Colonial Williamsburg came into being because of a dream and a vision. Through the years, the dream of Dr. Goodwin and the Rockefellers  has been embraced and fostered by countless people with a result that has become a national treasure. Now, however, it would appear that the essence of what helped to make CW a national treasure is being diluted by a mentality which is solely concerned with the “Bottom Line.” A mentality which is rapidly draining the class and dignity from a gloried and storied institution.

Road work

Is there anyone that explain what is happening and not happening on the roadwork on Monticello Avenue, News Road and Ironbound? This project has been going on for months and lately nothing appears to be happening. It has created a dangerous situation with all the barrels lining the street. Thank you.


I was a teenager in the fifties, and the recent article in the Last Word about policemen Lou and Han Smith not chasing dragsters on Duke of Gloucester Street in the fifties is a dishonor to these two great men. No, they may not have chased you then, but they would wait and catch you and take you home to your parents who would then discipline you, a fact that doesn’t happen today. A real shame. Thank you.

COLA formula

One must give credit to the federal formula to COLA where it was due. It was created during the Reagan administration so that things would look rosier than they actually were, as the Reagan administration took the federal deficit from 800 million dollars to nearly 5 trillion. Don’t blame the current president for a formula he inherited. Tell your congressman to change it.

Silent lunches 

I am upset by the decision Clara Byrd Baker Elementary made about instituting silent lunches. Children need to converse and speak with their peers.  The school has let me down with this decision.

Where to donate

I read the story about Salvation Army and food donations, but did not see here to make those donations. I'd be glad to help, but need to know the where. Editor's note: You can contact the Salvation Army at  757-229-6651

Please update 

Stephanie Rogers – you have received many inquiries in response to your resume that includes our phone number.  Please update your phone number so those looking for you can find you.

Leave names out

To the comment to the title, “Last Word,” people’s names being put in with their comments in the Last Word. One thing—we live in a society today where liberals can say whatever they like, and they can bash Christians, bash white males and bash whatever they want. Conservatives make their comments. [Not having to put our names] gives us the freedom to say how we feel without retribution. Some people would lose their jobs just for giving their opinion in the liberal world today. 


Recently CNN reported that in the previous 18 month period, there had been 73 school shootings. Newsweek recently reported that while the US has 5% of the world’s population, we have 35% of the world’s gun-related homicides. No other  western democracy would tolerate this kind of gun related insanity. In Britain one police officer was shot over a 10 year period, the shooter was a US citizen. We need not worry about foreign terrorists; we cannot handle our domestic variety!

The full question

Someone accused Hillary Clinton of having something wrong with her head for responding, “The Republican Party,” when asked, “Who was the enemy you’re most proud of?” What the writer forgot to mention, the moderator, Anderson Cooper’s full question was:  "You've all made a few people upset over your political careers. Which enemy are you most proud of?" Obviously, ISIS wasn’t created through Hillary’s political career.

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